Angie Teodora Dick in FRAMED BY MY SISTER | ©2022 Reel One Entertainment

Angie Teodora Dick in FRAMED BY MY SISTER | ©2022 Reel One Entertainment

FRAMED BY MY SISTER stars Scout Taylor-Compton as triplets at lethal odds with each other. The thriller film premieres tonight, February 25, on the Lifetime Movie Network.

Angie Teodora Dick costars as LAPD Detective Sarzo, tasked with solving the mounting thefts, assaults, and murders of the case.

Dick previously worked with FRAMED BY MY SISTER director Anthony C. Ferrante on the films ANOTHER MOTHER, FORGOTTEN EVIL, and ZOMBIE TIDAL WAVE. Her other credits include MURDER BOOK, I’M DYING UP HERE, LUCIFER, and THE UNDERTAKER’S WIFE.

In an exclusive interview, Dick talks about taking up the badge for FRAMED BY MY SISTER.

ASSIGNMENT X: How did you become involved with FRAMED BY MY SISTER?

ANGIE TEODORA DICK:  I was actually in the middle of shooting another film with our director, Anthony, and casting sent me a request to audition, per the producers. It’s an awesome feeling in our business when someone reaches out to you as an actor, instead of the other way around, which is normally the case. So, a thankful start from the get-go and after finishing my first read of the script, I was ready to be on board.

AX: How would you describe your character, Detective Sarzo?

DICK: I would say she is a strong, resilient, no-bullsh** type of woman, who has worked hard to earn her title of Detective. Seeing the darker side of humanity on a regular basis has naturally jaded her view of people, but that doesn’t stop her desire to seek the truth to ensure that justice is served.

AX: Did you have to learn/research anything in order to play a police detective?

DICK: Yes. I was fortunately able to reach out to a family member who is a retired officer in the force. I asked him many types of questions in reference to policy, etiquette, crime scene procedure to interrogation procedure. Anything I could think of, I was asking. Listening to his articulation and examples of real-life stories really helped me to understand the type of world that Sarzo lived in. And I also binged a lot of LAW AND ORDER: SVU. Mariska Hargitay is my spirit animal and an inspiration for any time I approach a character like this.

Angie Teodora Dick in FRAMED BY MY SISTER | ©2022 Reel One Entertainment

Angie Teodora Dick in FRAMED BY MY SISTER | ©2022 Reel One Entertainment

AX: Did you enjoy playing someone who gets to give orders?

DICK: Funny enough, as soon as I put on the whole get up, my entire sense of self changed. I’m so grateful for our makeup, costume and props departments. They were crucial in helping me bring Sarzo to life. I mean, my walk was different, my attitude dialed up and there was a sense of authority that just naturally overtook my body. So, to answer your question, yes [laughs]. When you’re trying to catch the bad guy, one has to give orders to keep that train moving in the right direction. You don’t want them getting away on your watch.

AX: Were you involved in any VFX scenes when more than one triplet is in the scene? If so, how was that experience?

DICK: At the top of the film, I have a conversation with both Raina and Alex [both played by Taylor-Compton], discovering that they are identical twins. This was my first experience with this type of VFX shot, and I found the technical side of it to be very impressive. I had no idea the intricacy and exactness that needed to go on behind the scenes in order to make it work. Especially because everything we shot was practical, so if something was off, there was no green screen to save you.

FRAMED BY MY SISTER Key Art | ©2022 Reel One

FRAMED BY MY SISTER Key Art | ©2022 Reel One

AX: How was working with Scout Taylor-Compton?

DICK: She was nothing but a pleasure to be around. Considering the fact that she pretty much has eighty percent of the dialogue in the film, due to playing three different characters, she handled it like a pro. Completely charming [as] herself in between takes and right back into character when action was called. Makes the process much more fun when you get to work with talented people who are good at their job.

Ryan Stroud and Angie Teodora Dick in FRAMED BY MY SISTER | ©2022 Reel One Entertainment

Ryan Stroud and Angie Teodora Dick in FRAMED BY MY SISTER | ©2022 Reel One Entertainment

AX: You’ve worked several times now with Anthony C. Ferrante. What makes him distinctive as a director?

DICK: Oh man, what isn’t distinctive about him [laughs]. He has a knack for adding unique imagination and new perspective to the stories that you thought had been played out. I definitely think his brain is working on a different level than all of us. If you start paying attention to his films, you’ll begin to notice all the Easter eggs he plants for viewers to find. I think I shall dub him the puzzle master. Also, I’ve always appreciated his desire to consistently write strong female characters in his projects. That isn’t always the case in our business, although the tides do seem to be changing. Ultimately, he’s creatively passionate about his work and always puts his whole heart into each and every project. The man does not sleep until the project is done. I consider myself lucky to have worked with him as much as I have and hope to in the future.

AX: How did you feel about the locations?

DICK: I loved the houses we used. I think it did a good job of showing each sister’s reality they live in and the difference in personality between each [of them]. Also, Sarzo’s precinct was pretty damn cool! Added to making me feel like the “real deal.” Playing a detective has always been on my bucket list, and now that I’ve had a little taste, I find myself wanting more! At one point when I was growing up, I did consider becoming a police officer. I think perhaps this might be my way of fulfilling that long-lost childhood fantasy.

Angie Teodora Dick in FRAMED BY MY SISTER | ©2022 Reel One Entertainment

Angie Teodora Dick in FRAMED BY MY SISTER | ©2022 Reel One Entertainment

AX: How was making FRAMED BY MY SISTER during COVID?

DICK: Not as sociable [laughs]. I think in general, COVID has created a bit of distance or disconnection between people. Fortunately, despite the restrictions in place, we all were able to work together without a hitch, and I didn’t find there to be any creative hindrance for myself.

AX: Do you have any other projects coming up?

DICK: Yes! That project I was talking about earlier. I’m playing a school teacher and best friend to our lead, James Zimbardi. Liz is an extreme 180 from Sarzo, to say the least. The film is called NIX, starring Dee Wallace and Michael Paré, and is a horror/thriller that revolves around a family’s downward spiral into chaos, while being hunted by a dark force looking to feed on what little they have left. It’s the first film I’ve gotten to do in this genre and I’m really excited for people to see it. Horror has always been a favorite of mine, and I rarely find horror films these days that really surprise me. I think ours takes a very human dive into a darker side of us as people, and deals with things that we are all capable of. And, thanks to Anthony’s distinct creativity, it’s anything but normal and a film that’s gonna make you use your brain.

FRAMED BY MY SISTER Movie Poster | ©2022 Reel One Entertainment

FRAMED BY MY SISTER Movie Poster | ©2022 Reel One Entertainment

AX: What would you most like viewers to know about FRAMED BY MY SISTER?

DICK: That it airs Friday, February 25th, 7/8c on LMN! But also, that it was a fun challenge to make, and I hope you guys enjoy it.

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Article: FRAMED BY MY SISTER: Exclusive interview with actress Angie Teodora Dick on her  new LMN Thriller


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