Eugene Levy stars in SCHITT'S CREEK on Pop Television | © 2015 Pop Television

Eugene Levy stars in SCHITT’S CREEK on Pop Television | © 2015 Pop Television

SCHITT’S CREEK returns for its third season on Pop TV Tuesday, Jan. 10. The half-hour comedy, created by son-and-father Dan Levy and Eugene Levy, concerns a formerly wealthy family of four (with Dan Levy as the son and Eugene Levy as the father) gone broke and forced to live in the town they once bought as a joke.

Emily Hampshire costars as Schitt’s Creek local Stevie Budd. Hampshire is also a regular on a very different series, Syfy’s 12 MONKEYS, which will be back with its third season this summer. Hampshire plays the brilliant but extremely disturbed Jennifer Goines in the show, which deals with time travelers attempting to prevent an apocalypse, but creating changes in the timeline wherever they go.

At a party thrown by CBS for its various networks, which includes Pop TV, and the Television Critics Association, Hampshire is talking with fellow actress Lucy Fry. Fry stars on another Pop TV series, WOLF CREEK. The plethora of CREEK shows on Pop TV is not lost on Hampshire, who observes, “I just heard also they rerun episodes of DAWSON’S CREEK on Pop.”

There is yet another coincidence regarding Fry, Hampshire points out. “We just met tonight. And it turns out we actually have the same manager.”

ASSIGNMENT X: What kind of person is Stevie Budd on SCHITT’S CREEK?

EMILY HAMPSHIRE: I play one of the townies. I play the girl at the motel who’s from Schitt’s Creek, who ends up having a friend-lationship with Dan Levy, who is David Rose, the son of the rich family.

AX: Are you enjoying being part of such a tight-knit company? It seems like it’s kind of a family affair there, between the Levys and Catherine O’Hara, who plays the matriarch …

HAMPSHIRE: Oh, my God, it’s the greatest job in the world. They are the loveliest people and we just get to laugh together all day long. It’s the best job.

AX: Where does it shoot?

HAMPSHIRE: In Toronto.

AX: And 12 MONKEYS also shoots in Toronto?

HAMPSHIRE: Yes. SCHITT’S CREEK is like going to camp, and then I do 12 MONKEYS, which is like going to war [laughs]. So I shoot that right after I do SCHITT’S CREEK.

Emily Hampshire stars as Jennifer in SyFy's 12 MONKEYS | © 2015 Ken Woroner/Syfy

Emily Hampshire stars as Jennifer in SyFy’s 12 MONKEYS | © 2015 Ken Woroner/Syfy

AX: Your character Jennifer has some pretty tough stuff that she does on 12 MONKEYS. Did you have to learn any fighting techniques?

HAMPSHIRE: I’ve learned so many things – not necessarily fighting, but we’ve done stunts. I feel like, especially as an actor, you get to learn the most random things. Last season, I learned magic to do this magic trick, and I had to learn how to ride a horse to do this horse-riding thing, and learn how to shoot a gun. So you learn all these random skills, but just a little taste of it. But I’ve never done serious fighting stuff. I don’t think anyone would trust me. They didn’t even trust me to ride a horse, frankly. They trained me and decided that I was uninsurable. The learning and failing of the test was fun [laughs].

AX: Do you understand the time paradoxes on 12 MONKEYS?

HAMPSHIRE: I don’t understand time travel. But I do love that there’s science behind it [laughs]. Thank God I don’t have to write the stuff. But [the writers] know what they’re talking about, because all the geeks online, you can see how much they follow the show, and the intricacies, they know it all and they’re checking to see if you’re right on time track.

AX: Do you shoot mostly on soundstages on both shows?

HAMPSHIRE: Yes. SCHITT’S CREEK, we do a month of exteriors in the town of Schitt’s Creek, so we have the outdoor stuff, but other than that, we shoot in the studio. And 12 MONKEYS as well. We do some exteriors, but mostly in the studio.

AX: Do you have to go off and take a day on a mountaintop or something to clear your head between doing the two shows?

HAMPSHIRE: What’s great is, thank God I don’t shoot them at the same time. I have a month in between, and it’s such a good ramp up. Doing Stevie is just an exercise into just being present on set with people and having fun, and then Jennifer is like, “Now I’m ready to …” I don’t know. I just feel like SCHITT’S CREEK is the easy job.

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Article: SCHITT’S CREEK: Actress Emily Hampshire gives the scoop on Season 3 – exclusive interview

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