Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson in DANCING WITH THE STARS - Season 19 - Alfonso | ©2014 ABC/Craig Sjodin

Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson in DANCING WITH THE STARS - Season 19 | ©2014 ABC/Craig Sjodin

Stars: Jonathan Bennett, Tommy Chong, Randy Couture, Betsey Johnson, Lolo Jones, Bethany Mota, Janel Parrish, Alfonso Ribeiro, Sadie Robertson, Antonio Sabato Jr. Tavis Smiley, Lea Thompson, Michael Waltrip
Network: ABC, airs Mondays & Tuesdays
Original Telecast: Sept. 15th, 2014

Even without his signature Carlton move Alfonso Ribeiro has got the groove to get it done! Ribeiro landed, along with his partner Witney Carson, in first place tonight on the season premiere of DANCING WITH THE STARS: Season 19. Ribeiro and Carson received a 36 out of 40 for the night while fashion designer Betsey Johnson, along with her partner Tony Dovolani, came in last with a disappointing 20. But, the biggest surprise of the night was…Tommy Chong, who along with Peta Murgatroyd, gave us some smooth moves and swagger not before seen from a man in his 70s. Chong scored higher than Antonio Sabato Jr.! Huh? Still, the scores are very close, off by one point or two all the way down the line to Johnson and Dovolani. It is an open race for most. Stay tuned!

Sadie Robertson and her partner Mark Ballas
She definitely enjoys dancing. Len Goodman said quack quack you’ll be back, while Bruno Tonioli called her a bird of paradise. Julianne Hough said she was the entire package and Carrie Ann Inaba said her lines in the Cha Cha were gorgeous.
Scores: Inaba –8, Goodman –8, Tonioli – 9, Hough –  9, Harland – 8

Betsey Johnson and her partner Tony Dovolani
She tried but it didn’t work. Goodman said he was crushed. Inaba gave a little heart sign to her. Tonioli said her Cha Cha was off the wall. Hough pointed out some good movements.
Scores: Inaba – 5, Goodman – 5, Tonioli – 5, Hough – 5, Harland – 6

Alfonso Ribeiro and his partner Witney Carson
The man to beat! Inaba said he just raised the stakes with his Jive. Goodman called it the best dance of the night. Hough said he was unbelievable. Tonioli called him the king of the night.
Scores: Inaba –9, Goodman – 9, Tonioli – 9,  Hough –  9, Harland – 9

Michael Waltrip and his partner Emma Slater
Fun to watch. Inaba called his Cha Cha simple. Goodman said he never got out of first gear. Hough said he reminded her of her dad. Tonioli said he needed more hmph!
Scores: Inaba – 7, Goodman – 6, Tonioli – 6, Hough – 6,  Harland – 6

Tavis Smiley and his partner Sharna Burgess
Amusing. Inaba said he was a natural mover. Goodman said his Foxtrot was nifty. Hough noted how comfortable he was on the dance floor. Tonioli said he gave him joy.
Scores: Inaba – 7, Goodman – 7, Tonioli – 7, Hough – 8, Harland – 7

Lolo Jones and her partner Keoikantse Motsepe
Completely awkward. Inaba said uh- oh to her Cha Cha. Goodman said she lost her way. Hough said she picked it back up. Tonioli said she should just let it go.
Scores: Inaba – 6, Goodman – 6, Tonioli –  5, Hough –  5, Harland – 5

Randy Couture and his partner Karina Smirnoff
Charming. Goodman said he was dandy. Inaba said he was sexy, sexy and sexy! Tonioli called him the big dipper. Hugh said his Foxtrot made her randy.
Scores: Inaba – 8, Goodman – 7, Tonioli – 8, Hough – 8, Harland – 7

Antonio Sabato Jr. and his partner Cheryl Burke
Potential. Inaba said he had chemistry with Burke. Hough loved his extensions. Goodman told him to work on his footwork. Tonioli said he needs a little more hip action in his Cha Cha.
Scores: Inaba – 6, Goodman – 6, Tonioli – 7, Hough – 6, Harland – 7

Bethany Mota and her partner Derek Hough
Inaba said she was tight and clean in her Jive. Goodman called it terrific. Hough said she had loose energy. Tonioli said she was pretty good.
Scores: Inaba – 8, Goodman – 8, Tonioli – 8, Hough – 8, Harland – 8

Janel Parrish and her partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy
Sexy hot! Inaba called her fiercesome. Goodman said she was sharp. Hough said she knew how to work it in her Jive. Tonioli called her spicy hot.
Scores: Inaba – 7, Goodman – 7, Tonioli – 8, Hough – 7, Harland – 8

Lea Thompson and her partner Artem Chigvintsev
Great grace and charm. Goodman said her future is rosy. Tonioli said she had a good quality of movement. Hough said her Foxtrot was beautiful. Inaba said it was one of the best first Foxtrots ever.
Scores: Inaba – 8, Goodman – 8, Tonioli – 8, Hough – 8,  Harland – 8

Tommy Chong and his partner Peta Murgatroyd
The biggest surprise of the night! Inaba called his Cha Cha fantastic. Goodman said it was painless. Hough said he was extremely sexy. Tonioli said he was a cool grandpa.
Scores: Inaba – 7, Goodman – 6, Tonioli – 7, Hough – 7, Harland – 7

Jonathan Bennett and his partner Allison Holker
So cute. Inaba said he was tight and high. Goodman said he had great potential. Hough said his Jive was gruel. Tonioli said he sold it.
Scores: Inaba – 8, Goodman – 7, Tonioli – 8, Hough – 7, Harland – 8

Who’s going home: Bye Bye Lolo Jones!
Who Has Legs To Take Home The Mirror Ball: Alfonso!

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