Courteney Cox and Brian Van Holt star in the fifth season of COUGAR TOWN | © 2014 Jennifer Rose Clasen/TBS

Courteney Cox and Brian Van Holt star in the fifth season of COUGAR TOWN | © 2014 Jennifer Rose Clasen/TBS

COUGAR TOWN – a half-hour comedy that is not about older women interested in younger men, despite its title – is now on TBS, Tuesdays at 10 PM, where its in its fifth season. The series, created by Kevin Biegel and Bill Lawrence, began life on ABC, where it spent three seasons, was canceled and then was picked up by TBS for a fourth season in 2013.

Courteney Cox, who stars as wine-loving Florida realtor Jules Cobb and is one of the show’s executive producers, tells the Television Critics Association her feelings when COUGAR TOWN moved networks. “It’s just been a great feeling and so happy. It feels like we’re a brand-new show that hasn’t changed. It feels like we’re out there and I feel like it just started and yet we’ve been doing it and we feel so comfortable. They sent us to Napa to do a press junket. I mean, really? It was the nicest thing.”

In a brief one-on-one conversation with Cox, she elaborates on where Jules is heading now that the character is married – and her grown son is having an affair with her best friend.

AX: Do you think Jules has improved or devolved as a mother?

COURTENEY COX: She definitely always learns from her son, because he’s such an old soul. She loves him and that’s the most important thing – she’s doing the best she can, but I think she definitely takes her lessons and applies them.

AX: With Jules’ marriage on the show, are you playing her any differently? Are you having any more fun with it, or any less fun with it?

COX: I think about what’s great about my character on the show is that she is game for anything. She has so many neuroses that she gets to work out through her relationship, I feel like things – the way Bill and Kevin write it, I just love the way she changes. She’s just fun. She’s not that smart [laughs]. And I like that, too – I like that she’s quirky and a cheerleader for her friends. She’s not uptight at all. I love that. [On FRIENDS], I played uptight for ten years. I played the mom for ten years. Wherever I have something where I have to be the mom in the conventional sense, I don’t want to do it. I like being a mom that’s obsessed with her son and doesn’t want to let go.

AX: So you like getting to play the warmth?

COX: The warmth and the odd and just the not your typical controlling woman.

AX: Well, in the SCREAM films, your character is pretty career-driven, and in DIRT, the series you starred in and produced before COUGAR TOWN, your character was maybe even more career-driven. So would you say you’re getting to play the more people-driven here?

COX: Yes, no doubt. Absolutely.

AX: In the latter portion of COUGAR TOWN’s third season, you all went on the road and screened episodes for people all over the country and met with fans and generally did a grassroots combination promotional tour/fan festival, which is unusual for a non-genre TV show. Can you talk about why you did that?

COX: We just all really believe in this show and we want it to work, and we think this show speaks for itself, but we’re just getting people to watch, and the people that do, love it. We now have convinced people that it’s not a show about older women sleeping with younger men. That’s not the show. It’s an ensemble show about friends and family.

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