One of the most anticipated games of 2014 is the survival horror game ALIEN: ISOLATION, a game that promises to bring back the fear and claustrophobia of the original movie.

During Comic-Con 2014, I was given a three-minute demo of the game inside a ginormous alien egg, where I was able to test out – for only three minutes – the game and get a feel for the dark, brooding environment.

First off, the whole process of stepping into an ALIEN egg is just plain weird but cool at the same time. But it definitely sets the stage for what you are about to play. The demo opens with you set in a cramped room of the ship you are on and you must navigate around the area to find various items including a flamethrower, which is extremely cool. Unfortunately, this is used more of a diversionary tactic rather than to kill the alien. There are no weapons that you can actually “kill” the creature. Instead it is more of aversion and diversion in order to sneak past or escape.

During my three minute demo, I died three times, the game doesn’t pull any punches that if you go out guns blazing or don’t check those corners or use the motion tracker – which is key to the game – you will die early and often.

There are plenty of spots to hide in and maneuver around and the alien is far superior to you and you literally have no chance of survival if caught (the game doesn’t even allow it). The graphics look pretty amazing and the whole retro look really plays well with the cramped space. Given I was only able to play the game for a small amount of time, I do not know how the rest of the game will fare, but if this is any indication it could very well be kick-ass.

Overall, ALIEN: ISOLATION has the hope this is maybe the ALIEN game we have been waiting for after all these years. After the debacle of ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES, they have some making up to do in terms of getting in the gamers good graces, but if they can deliver a cool, atmospheric genre horror title that lives up to the original film, they could single-handily reboot something that many fans have waited years to have.

I will be posting my interview with the ALIEN: ISOLATION creative lead in the near future so look for that coming up soon.


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