Tyler Bates knows a thing or two about playing Spartan vengeance after his seminal score for 300, which made sword-and-sandal music hip again by incorporating a heroic orchestra with anachronistic metal guitars and time specific ethnic instruments. Now after showing ancient sword and sorcery vigor with the videogame THE RISE OF THE ARGONAUTS and the underrated reboot of CONAN THE BARBARIAN Bates once again proves that crossing a muscular death-dealer will be hell to play, especially when it’s a titan-slayer named Kratos.

Bates furiously delivers again for this popular berserker’s latest button-mashing adventures in GOD OF WAR ASCENSION. It’s a creature-filled mosh pit that once again shows there’s new musical life to be put into the stuff of heroic legend, Bates rocks out beats, choruses singing gods-knows what and a full-blast orchestra given all the resonance of Abbey Road. With his score duking it out of the underworld, Bates embodies both the Olympian threats as well as the tragedy of a hero last tricked into slaying his family. There’s a surprising amount of exotic, haunted emotion and beauty to be had in Kratos’ ASCENSION but make no mistake that the emphasis here is on bold, mythically sweeping punishment, making this GOD OF WAR entry as dark as it is exhilarating, allowing the Greek myths to rise and capture new, bloody imagination from a generation weaned on videogames as opposed to Homer’s “Odyssey.”


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Article: CD Review of GOD OF WAR: ASCENSION soundtrack

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