Even though THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING didn’t get renewed for a second season on ABC Family, there is potentially good news on the horizon. At today’s TCA press session, ABC Family President Michael Riley says they are currently developing a made-for-TV movie continuing the adventures of the characters from the genre series about a girl who discovers she has cat-like super powers.

“That was a great example of a great show where we loved the writing and for us it was about making some decisions and we had to choose what was resonating stronger with the audience,” says Riley about cancelling the series. “We loved [CHLOE KING] so we are on the verge of putting a movie into development and making sure there are opportunities to continue that story.”

(additional reporting by A.C. Ferrante)


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Article: NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING TV movie in development


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  1. well its about time u guys came to your sense about nlock its agreat show

  2. Can Someone Please tell me Is It Confirmed as a Movie bc we’ve been on our Save TNLOCK Campaign for like 6 months already & sooo exhausted!!!
    Chris Grismer Tweeted “Chloe King is going to be a movie” but no statement from ABC Family on their Facebook, Twitter & website!
    Pls everyone vote for Chloe & Alek at http://www.portraitmagazine.ne… Poll closes on Jan 21!!!
    We need to add Top 10 Fav Couple & No.1 Abc Family Fav Couple to
    Nine Lives of Chloe King Achievements
    * 1st place Best Summer Series (ClickClack Poll) by a landslide
    * Teen Choice Awards 2011 Nominations for Breakout Show & Skyler Samuels (Chloe King) as Breakout Star
    * 9th place Best New Scripted Summer Series (TWOP)
    * 29th place for TNLOCK cast for Top Stars Under 30 yrs old (Portrait mag poll)
    * TNLOCK book series by Liz Braswell were in the Best Selling Book List to convince ABC Fam to go ahead with movie!! WE NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!!!!

  3. I am very disappointed that Chloe King was not renewed. It was a very good show with amazing actors and actresses! PLEASE make it into a movie, and PLEASE try to use the same people! This show had such potential, and the finale was too fantastic to leave us all hanging!

  4. I hope they can tie up all the loose ends. I was disappointed to hear no Season 2. I don’t understand how stupid “reality” shows can go on and on and NOBODY really cares about the Kardashians and there endless drivel goes on and on. ABC finally gets a good Sci-Fi and cancels it.

  5. not happy at all that this was cancelled absolutley enjoyed it i would have been hanging out for nest season please continue the movie where the season left off to finalise it all

  6. I really hope this is made into a tv movie. The fans need to have closure to that finale. Please hurry up before all the cast memebers move onto to new shows/movies. As they no doubt will as it was/is a great cast of up and coming actors.

  7. YAY!!!! SO happy about this movie, the way the series ended sucked. Stupid ABC.

  8. i definitely think that they should make a movie and even though the book says that she ends up being with brian i think she should be with alek but first she shouldn’t take him for granted and she should try to be better and straighten out her feelings towards him because he deserves a better version of chloe as in chloe but nicer and more caring towards him


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