During the press event for HUMAN TARGET at WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco, Mark Valley, who plays Chance on the Fox show, gave us his opinion on where he would like to see his character go if the series gets picked up for Season 3.

“In terms of Chance’s overall arc, in the first episode he was closed down to the world and focused on doing his job and having some confusion about it and coming out of it,” Valley says. “The second season he started to open up a little bit. He had to in order to communicate with people, especially with the female characters. I’d like to see the third season where Chance really takes a leap and says ‘I’m really going to live in this world with regular people, I’m really going to give it a shot and go all the way and see how that works for him.’”

Valley jokingly adds that Chance could embrace virtues such as cooperation, non-violence and thinking things through.

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  1. Human Target 2 was a blast. Mark Valley is just great as are his costars. Fabulous characters, great writing, fantastic entertainment. Hope to see more of what was a great season, continued in season 3.

    S Thorp
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  5. Great actors and story was getting better with the addition of the new boss. Sad to see a great show going off the air. Hope another network picks it up.

  6. Totally echo what LarryK says …. it’s a real shame if a cable channel does not pick this terrific series up !!!! Fox is clueless.

    Cathy D
  7. Received the Human Target Complete First Season DVD. Quickly remembered why this show grabbed my attention and held on right from the pilot. After 24 ended, Human Target was the best show on commercial TV of which I watch very little since the reality trend began. Would love to see Human Target get another run. If TV can’t handle something of such high quality, then send it to the movie producers. Human Target is/was superior to most of the theater offerings as well. Fox, you pulled the plug far too soon. Someone give Chance another chance.

    Greg H
  8. Get RID of thoes JUNK cartoon shows and put Human Target back on. It was one of the best shows on TV and the cartoons are the worst. I won’t wast the power it takes to turn my TV on to watch those shows.

  9. its so sad if it doesn’t go through with the season 3..We all love it!

  10. I think Human Target is a great show, lots of entertainment for the whole family. Adventure and the chemistry between Mr Chance and Mrs P is great… the next series should follow asap…

    Diane julian

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