Stars: Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Saul Rubinek, Genelle Williams, Allison Scagliotti, Aaron Ashmore, Jaime Murray, Ashley Williams
Writer: Drew Z. Greeberg
Director: Constantine Makris
Network: Syfy, Mondays @ 9 PM
Airdate: July 18, 2011

“Trials” is an interesting dual episode for WAREHOUSE 13. Now that Myka (Joanne Kelly) is back on the team, there are actually two complete sets of agents to investigate and acquire artifacts. Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka form their original duo, and Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) and ATF Special Agent Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) form the new partnership.

Two very different artifacts and cases in this episode keep everything moving at a rapid pace, and reestablish what is more than likely to be the norm for this season. Myka and Pete are investigating people losing their memories, and they all connect to the murder of a young waitress. The two of them are on OK ground since Myka left at the end of last season and came back last episode. I admit I was surprised that the writers didn’t have her stay far afield longer than they did to build up tension of will she return or won’t she, but as is, I am just glad to have her back.

The second artifact is Typhoid Mary’s cleaver which Claudia and Jinks are supposed to purchase at auction. There’s some interesting tension ramping up that you think might build to a romantic entanglement between the two, but then we discover that Jinks is actually gay (WOO HOO! – way to go WAREHOUSE 13 on your first officially gay lead character!).

I liked the character when he was introduced last week, but this episode only helps solidify Jinks’ place on the Warehouse crew, and Aaron Ashmore has really great chemistry with the entire cast.

At the heart of this episode is Myka dealing with her decision to leave the Warehouse and what that did to the people she cares about and left behind. There’s some interesting baggage that comes to light that Pete, wasn’t even aware he was carrying around, and in the end the two reconcile and things return to the way they have always been.

Claudia proves herself on her first official field mission, and I for one want to see more of her and Jinks in the field. They have an absolutely delightful banter back and forth already, and they should be really entertaining to watch evolve as partners.

So let’s talk about some of the new looks on the show. Myka now is sporting hair that is a lot darker and straight ironed from the last couple of seasons. I’m not sure about it. I liked her curly bouncy hair, and this straighter hair makes her look a bit more severe. I’m sure it will grow on me, or perhaps some of her curl will work itself back in. Pete on the other hand has a new haircut that is not all that flattering. It seems to be longer and he’s wearing it parted and more controlled than he normally did. Go back to the original cut. It works.

Of course, speaking of works….anybody notice that Pete (who was pretty muscular to begin with) has buffed up more this season. His chest and arms are a lot bigger than they were at the end of last season.

All in all this is a really fun episode of one of my favorite series. I’m just glad that WAREHOUSE 13 is back. I don’t think I have ever watched an episode of this series and not been entertained!


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Article: Review: WAREHOUSE 13 – Season 3 – “Trials”

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