Cast: Anna Torv,  Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole,
Writer: Josh Singer
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Network: Fox, airs Friday nights
Original telecast: January 28, 2011

Well, that’s it. Peter (Joshua Jackson) is starting to crack on FRINGE.

When you go on a murderous rampage of self-affirmation and just-cause that’s always a bad precedent to start – even if that murderous rampage happened to be the wholesale killing of a bunch of scumbag shapeshifters.

I have always liked the idea of assuming the identity of those around you for nefarious purposes and it worked so well at the beginning of this episode with Charlie and some of the others on FRINGE, but it seems like they are just an afterthought these days and that was all made true with “Reciprocity”.

Now, we’ve seen the evil shapeshifters, the ones that treat Walter (John Noble) as the father, emotional shapeshifters, but now we get the forgotten shapeshifters as the mistakes made by Faux-livia (Anna Torv) are being mopped up after the Fringe team has cracked her computer with records of phone conversations and contacts that help those from “over there” while they are “over here.”

I love that the FRINGE mythology has taken up the flag of carrying the fan names for the alternate universe over to the actually show – Walter-nate for the alternate Walter, Faux-livia for the alternate Olivia.

But I digress … apparently the reason Peter is going about offing the mercury-filled non-humans is he wants to know some information about the big, bad universe-killing machine that he is linked to thanks to Walter-nate. When Peter gets near, the machine that is lifeless springs to life and Peter gets nosebleeds. That’s a bit odd and needless to say, Peter doesn’t like it and wants to know more about it. So in order to get the data records from the shapeshifters he kills them and steals their data in hopes of learning more about the dreaded machine and his role.

No doubt, we haven’t heard the last of this …

I find the whole Walter taking various amounts of serums and formulas to try to make himself smarter altogether hilarious – this week with him “showing his dominance” to a dead shapeshifter after injecting chimp DNA into himself. It’s silly, but some much-needed comic relief. However, I wonder exactly what will happen if Walter gets that part of his brain back that he told William Bell to cut out or turn off. That same part of his brain that perhaps made him to do all those bad things to Olivia and the other children back in Florida? The same part of his brain that made him cold and heartless as we saw in a figure of his imagination when he was put back in the mental hospital in Season One? The same part of his brain that makes Walter-nate such a bastard perhaps?


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