Cast: Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole
Writers: Glen Whitman, Robert Chiapetta
Directors: Thomas Yatsko
Network: Fox, airs Fridays
Original Telecast: February 18, 2010

“Ghosts, that’s where you draw the line?” – Peter (Joshua Jackson) on FRINGE “6B”

Is love strong enough to cross universes? Can one husband from one universe and one wife from another be in the exact same time having lost their partners and then somehow cross the streams to see each other?

That was the idea behind “6B” on FRINGE this week, another relatively non-eventful creature-of-the-week episode, however, essential in mending the ties between Peter and Olivia (Anna Torv), struggling in their relationship due to Faux-livia replacing Olivia and forming a relationship with Peter (and we learned last week is pregnant with Peter’s child).

Some strange sh** is going down at an apartment building with people mysteriously falling from balconies, people are seeing ghosts, elevators don’t work and more. And the Fringe division believes it isn’t ghosts (as Walter said there is no such thing as ghosts), but instead the beginnings of the crack between the universes that Walter (John Noble) has long feared.

Now, I remember a number of times where the alternate universe has merged with our universe, remember when that whole building merged with one from the other side? Or when they used an entire bridge to bring Walter-nate over? Or the numerous trucks and walls that David Robert Jones enabled in Season One? So not sure why this would be considered the beginnings … but semantics.

Anyway, Walter turns to Massive Dynamic in order to find a way to put a stop-gap in the crack and believes that encasing the entire building in amber may be the only way possible – similar to the way the alternate universe has it down to a science when there is a possible event that will threaten their world.

Luckily, Peter and Olivia are able to convince the old woman that the ghost she is seeing is not her husband, but another dude from an alternate universe and, as a result, Walter and Broyles (Lance Reddick) don’t have to use the amber gas.

While the whole plotline from this episode of FRINGE was just meh, it served its purpose – to bring Olivia and Peter back together. While Peter may still have feelings for Faux-livia, there is no denying he has feelings for Olivia and that is the reason he fell for her alternate version. It just took some time for her to realize this and it looks like their relationship may be full speed ahead. That’s good news for “over here” as mentioned before Faux-livia is preggors with Peter’s kid giving further cause for him to choose her (or her universe). But with a good deal of the season left to play out, I’m sure we’ll see what happens including some really good background story coming next week.

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