Cast: Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson
Network: Fox, airs Tuesday and Wednesday
Original Telecast: May 24, 2011

It is the last chance to impress on the world’s greatest karaoke competition, AMERICAN IDOL.

Either it will be country singing Scotty McCreery or country and adult contemporary singing Lauren Alaina? Maybe a better question is: Why is Seacrest is a tuxedo? Is this that big of a deal? I don’t see anyone else decked out to the nines.

The three rounds are divided into 1) the favorite song of the season from the contestants 2) a song picked by their favorite singers (Carrie Underwood for Lauren and George Strait for Scotty) and the 3) if they win the first single they would have on their record.

So let’s see how they do.

Scotty McCreery – I don’t think that Scotty is going to change anyone’s opinion about him at this point. Those voting for him already know they are voting for him regardless of how the performances end up. His favorite song of the season was “Gone” by Montgomery Gentry and once again we see that he does have the chops to perform on stage in an upbeat way. Now, can he convince those that are on the fence to vote for him that is the big question. Since he is battling someone that is also singing country it will be interesting to see just how the votes go considering America obviously loves country but which country performer will they choose? Grade: B

Lauren Alaina – Much like Scotty, those voting for Lauren already have their minds set on voting for her, she’s fighting for those votes of those on the fence. Will those that like rock go with Lauren since she sorta does some things other than country? Or will they go with Scotty because of his deep voice. Lauren’s favorite song of the season was Carrie Underwood’s “Flat on the Floor” and I’m not sure about that outfit or why they brought the doctor out to tell us that Lauren was having some problems with her voice (sympathy votes?). One thing is certain, if you don’t like country this is gonna be a long hour because that’s all we are going to get. Since I don’t like country, Calgon take me away. Grade: B+

Celebrity choice is the next round.

Scotty McCreery – I’m not sure that George Strait did Scotty any favors in picking his own song “Check Yes or No” because while it was obviously a country hit, it wasn’t the most rocking tune or anything that showed his range that he definitely has. The live-action Alfred E. Newman just stood there like a log with his guitar and while there was nothing wrong with how he sang it, there was also nothing exciting about it either. We’ll see how Lauren does. And why are the judges here if they are just gonna sit there and clap? Grade: B

Lauren Alaina – So who did the guy with the violin pay off to get more camera time than both Idol finalist combined? He’s been on stage the entire time. Maybe he should get the record contract, he’s the hardest working violin player in America. I think this was a better choice than what Scotty did because at least it was entertaining and not just there. I also liked that Underwood chose something other than her own song in “Maybe it Was Memphis” by Pam Tillis. I also liked the outfit from Lauren better in this round as it showed more of her playful side and if Lauren had any problems earlier, she isn’t showing any signs of it. So far, I’d say they are pretty even with no one having a great moment. Given the next songs are something no one has heard, chances are good this is gonna be a pretty dull finale. Grade: B

The third song choice is the first hit if they were to win.

Scotty McCreery – Hmmm a ballad as the first single from a record? Not sure if that’s the best plan of action but who am I to question the minds of the music elite. Scotty’s song would be “I Love You This Big” and it was slow. It was melodic and it didn’t really get him around the stage, well, at all. Instead he was just stuck behind the microphone. Those in the front section seemed to like it however so maybe it doesn’t matter that I had to slap myself to keep myself awake. Scotty can sing and there’s nothing wrong with the way he did it, that’s for sure. Grade: B-

Lauren Alaina – Yet another ballad as the first single. Not sure why they are going this direction but this I guess gives them the chance to take it down a level and “connect” with the audience that the judges love. Lauren’s song was “Like My Mother Does” and as Jimmy Lovine put it was designed to target all the mothers in the audience and get their votes … is this stacking the votes? I’m not sure but I think that Lauren had the more emotional song of the two and that may be the difference. Grade: B+

Well that was really underwhelming. Neither of the final contestants had a moment that stood out – the closet coming with Lauren’s last song. All of the songs were sung just fine, but there was nothing that set them apart and wowed everyone. I think if James Durbin or Haley Reinhart was in there we’d see something spectacular. Instead, we got two ballads at the end and a host of country songs that were just merely OK. But this is who America put there so we’ll see how it goes.

I think just based on prior votes that Scotty will win.

UPDATE: Who won? Scotty or Lauren? – CLICK HERE



Check out photos of the performances below.

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