The Top 11 went down to 10 last night on THE X FACTOR which saw the second “group” eliminated from the talent competition. Last week, Intensity went home, and this week two groups landed in the bottom two – The Stereo Hogzz and Lakoda Rayne.

This brings up the issue of whether or not audiences HATE groups in these kind of competition or if they’re severely punishing Paula Abdul who is managing the groups.

Ironically enough, both The Stereo Hogzz and Lakoda Rayne are by far better than some of the solo performers on the show. And both could be HUGE performers both album and concert0-wise. Yet, at the end of the elimination show, the two remained leaving the judges to make their picks.

It was tough for Paula Abdul – it’s like choosing between your two babies, and here she was being forced to choose and she couldn’t (well, almost, she did finally give The Stereo Hogzz her vote to stay when it looked as if the other judges wanted them to go home).

Ouch! That’s going to be uncomfortable next week when Abdul has to coach and choreograph the girls who got a reprieve.

So far, I’m liking THE X FACTOR‘s elimination process that puts the initial vote in the public’s hands, and then let’s the judges duke it out to get rid of the bottom two. Much more fair than the arbitrary AMERICAN IDOL bullcrap that happens every year where deserving singers are sent packing way too early.

However, it’s starting to look like the groups are easy targets, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Lakoda Rayne go home next week (unless a miracle happens – like a wardrobe malfunction perhaps?).


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Article: TV Review: The X-Factor – SEASON ONE – “The Final 11”  elimination


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