AMERICAN IDOL has perfected the art of procrastination when it comes to dragging out their results shows. It’s something that’s incredibly annoying and finely tuned week in and week out.

Now, NBC’s THE VOICE gets to showcase their first official Results Show during the same week an episode has aired and damn did they get it right.

It was mystery meat when it came to how the scores from the coaches and the audience was going to be added together, but the final reveal was actually quite clever.

Essentially, the coaches had 100 points to divvy up between both of the contestants on their team. Both Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton left the decision up to the audience votes, giving both of their teammates a 50/50 split.

In that instance, Team Christina’s Frenchie Davis and Beverly McClellen resulted in McClellen being the victor, but not by a huge margin. Although I picked Frenchie, when I thought Christina would lean more in her direction, though I’m grateful McClellen went through because she was by far the more entertaining and original performer of the two.

For Team Blake, the 50/50 vote was very sincere for Dia Frampton and Xenia. It’s clear Shelton has a lot of love for his girls who he treats like daughters and he was torn voting for either or.

The end result – Dia took home the prize, but surprisingly not by a large margin either. Dia is now poised to be serious competition for the other three. Watch out.

For Adam Levine, he  favored Javier Colton over Casey Weston, giving Colon more of a lead because he wanted him to be in the Final Four because he knew Weston was young enough to have a great career ahead of him and Colon needs the second chance.

Finally, Cee Le Green’s team of Nakia and Vicci Martinez ended with a vote from him of one point difference – in Nakia’s favor. However, the audience gave it to Martinez who deserved it after last night’s performance.

So the Final Four are – Beverly McClellen, Dia Frampton, Javier Colon and Vicci Martinez. My pick for the winner -–Dia Frampton.

Meanwhile, THE VOICE also did one thing similar to IDOL – they did an eight person group sing at the beginning of the show. I was fearful it would be a train wreck like so many IDOL group sings, but instead of forcing harmonies where they don’t fit, the song “Faith” afforded each a chance a solo sing in the spotlight.

Overall, a surprisingly enjoyable hour of results show television that felt exciting, fresh and new instead over bloated, overlong and insignificant. The audience votes are proving to be dead-on correct – something IDOL viewers seem to fail at every year. And now, the final competition next week (with original songs and duets with their coaches) is going to actually be something worth waiting for instead of dreading. IDOL, watch your backs there’s a new voice competition in town that’s giving you a run for your money and it’s on NBC of all places.

Click on photos below to see a gallery of tonight’s winners.


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