I don’t believe that Donald Trump is really running for president. If he was he would have already launched a reality show in which people compete to be his running mate.

I think we can all agree that Gary Busey would totally win that one.

Still, when people talk about Donald Trump running for president I cringe. Why? Because people are saying they would actually vote for him. Normally, something this ridiculous would make me laugh out loud like the time my friend tried to convince me that McDonald’s oatmeal is healthy – except I live in the state that elected Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Donald Trump in THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE | ©NBC/Ali Goldstein

Will Donald Trump's State of the Union addresses happen in the board room? How will he encourage job growth when he's firing everybody? | ©NBC/Ali Goldstein

I won’t lie, sometimes this country makes me nervous. There are people in this country that think Sarah Palin is smart. There are people in this country that think THE BACHELOR is really going to find love. There are people in this country that think Charlie Sheen is actually winning. Hell, we can’t even be trusted to vote wisely on AMERICAN IDOL.

U.S. citizen: “He’s cute. I’m voting for him.”
Me: “Oh, do you like his singing? Would you buy his album?”
U.S. citizen: “No, but he’s cute. I’m voting for him.”

U.S. citizen: “Donald Trump is famous. I’m voting for him.”
Me: “Oh, do you think he can actually think he would make a good president?”
U.S. citizen: “No. I recognize his name. I’m voting for him.”

Here is something people are actually saying about Donald Trump: “Donald Trump could fix this country’s financial woes.”


Stop watching CELEBRITY APPRENTICE and read a newspaper. Trump filed for corporate bankruptcy in 1991, 1992, 2004 and 2009. Just because Donald Trump says he is good with money doesn’t mean he is good with money. Like most people who run for public office, he lies.

He doesn’t make good decisions. Look at his hair! You think that jacked up comb over is good decision. During an appearance on THE VIEW, Trump joked that if his daughter, Ivanka, wasn’t his daughter, he would date her because she’s so hot. You think that’s a good decision. Maybe in Alabama …

Donald Trump thinks President Obama wasn’t born in this country, yet he has somehow managed to sweep this under the rug and become President of the United States. Yes, I’m sure no one did any major research on Obama before the election. In other words, Trump is as crazy as Tea Partiers. Maybe Trump and Michelle Bachmann can go to lunch, where they eat paste and talk about how Obama is just like Hitler and the evils of the census.

Trump, stick to what you do best: Getting divorced, filing for bankruptcy and hosting mind-numbing reality shows.

But just in case … if Donald Trump does run for president, please don’t vote for him, people. He would rename the White House as Trump House.

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  2. YOU: I’m not voting for him cause’ of his combover!

    U.S. Citizen: So what? He is a self made multi-millionaire in spite of his combover, not because of it.

    YOU: He’s not good with money. He must be lying.

    U.S. Citizen: No really.. in case YOU haven’t read the newspapers, he stinking loaded, and runs his companies for a profit, unlike our current president who seems to run things into loss. Oh wait… you weren’t just gonna say Obama was good with money were you?? LOL… conversation over!!

    YOU: But, but, but WAIT!! Obama is SO cute with that haircut of his!!!

    U.S. Citizen: Go to MacDonalds and play at kiddie land. You belong there, arguing with your little friends about “oatmeal”. We get it.

    • U.S. Citizen: I’m going to post reactionary comment on your column without actually reading it.

      ME: That’s not a good idea.

      U.S. Citizen: You’re not going to vote for Donald Trump because of his comb over.

      ME: No, I’m not voting for Donald Trump because he is lying claiming he is good with money when he has filed for bankruptcy on four separate occasions.

      U.S. Citizen: You think Obama is cute and has a cool haircut.

      ME: Actually, I didn’t say that. Try reading the column next time before you comment.

      • Your site is a joke …

      • Sonia: I will not vote for Trump because he is lying.

        Kev: about what?

        Sonia: I dont know.

        Kev: Oh, but you believe Obama when he says he was not born in Kenya, but will not produce legitimate documentation?

        Sonia: Sure, he is the first black president.

        Kev: Uh, not really. Their were 6 before him.

        Sonia: Can we just go back to combovers, I’ll accuse you of not reading the article, (which clearly you read more thoroughly than myself), and I’ll say Trump is a liar. Fair?

        Kev: Na. Good with money in your book must mean “never claimed bankruptcy”. In that regard, you must believe that Obama is “good with money”. At that level, your rationale is so f^&ked up, we really would have nothing to talk about.

        Sonia: Oh.

        Kev: By the way, I did read the article.

        Sonia: You’re stupid and Trump is a liar.

        Kev: Obama sucks ass and will not be re-elected. Their are more “U.S. Citizens” than you think. Minus one Barry Obama, of course.

  3. Character will be the main issue in the 2012 presidential elections. Obama will depend on his political performance and rhetoric. Trump will depend on nothing but who he is. The American voter is wise, they would rather bring the character of Trump into their family and leave the political skills and rhetoric of Obama out the door.

    morris wise
  4. Personally, I find Trump amusing. Yes, he HAS filed for bankruptcy on several occations-and yet he claws his way back to the top.




    His hair is horrible, I’ll grant that. And lord only knows what his actual politics are.

    But you lost me on this article when, just like every other person that parrots what they hear, you started ripping on the tea party and Palin.

    No, I’m not a member of the tea party, and I’m not a huge Palin fan. But I do know this: You, in making those kinds of comments, are doing the exact same thing you bitch about them doing.

    So, my advice to you would be to grow up, get a life, and start thinking for yourself instead of doing whatever CNN, MSNBC, FOX, or the AP tell you to think.

    When the 2012 elections roll around, my vote will be cast on who holds closest to my views. If it’s a democrat, so be it. If it’s a republican, so be it. If it’s Trump, so be it!

    I can tell you this, he may be just the main we need at the helm-America is going bankrupt, best have someone with some experience!

  5. I dont know why you think people would not vote for Trump, let’s review the last presidential election.
    People elected.
    1. Someone with no executive experience and limited federal government experience.
    2. Someone who never had a full time private sector job.
    3. Didn’t live on main land US until his 20s.
    4. Could not differitiate a Private from a Sargent, yet is the commander in chief.
    5. Refused to wear an american flag up until it became a reality he could possibly win.
    6. Associates with and befriends radicals and racists such as Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright just to mention a few.
    7. 1 year before being elected admitted he did not have the experience yet to be President.

    No I can’t imagine anyone voting for Trump.

  6. Maybe if Trump gets in, he will redecorate the White House back to the classic red, white and blue as opposed to the green and gold Muslim motif that stands in there now. Trump has said he loves this country this past week already more times than Obama has ever said it. Trump is anti-globalist, protectionist and believes in American Exceptionalism. I’m voting Trump.

    Mike L
  7. SONIA MANSFIELD is just trying to cover up her mistake for voting for B.O. and is unappologetic for her outward racism, sexism, and plain hatred for white American men.

    SONIA – go be a human shield in Obama’s War in Libya. Yeah he got the U.S. into another one. Remember what happened to Bush when he did that? Well the same thing is going to happen to B.O. you hippochit.

    The Don
    • I married a white American man, and I’m carrying his baby, so there goes your theory. Sorry.

  8. A case filed under chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code is frequently referred to as a “reorganization” bankruptcy. This chapter of the Bankruptcy Code provides (generally) for reorganization, usually involving a corporation or partnership. A chapter 11 debtor usually proposes a plan of reorganization to keep its business alive and pay creditors over time.

    Chapter 11 corporate bankruptcies were used My Trump to negotiate debt deals. After deals were done, all of Mr. Trump’s companies went on to survive (and in some cases thrive.

    If you want to tell a story under the guise of a literary piece, disclose all details, otherwise you are guilty of the same ploys you criticize Politian’s of using… give 20% of the facts, to which the masses will assume you’re proving at least 80% of the truth (in other words razzle-dazzle them with bullshit)

  9. TRUMP 2012!!!

    odumba SUCKS!!!!!!!
    odumba is a a liar, hypocrite, and a fool for thinking he can add trillions to already out of control spending. like all liberals they are true morons that cannot not spending, they just want to raise the working classes taxes.

    • That giant deficit was caused by two wars that started under George Bush, conflicts that upset the balance so entirely that American forces will probably never be able to leave, creating an even bigger and bigger deficit. That’s where your tax money is going.

      p.s. Odumba? Really?

  10. First of all, let me start by saying that I think it’s great the asylum gives you guys computer time. That’s really nice.

    Second, thanks for reading my HUMOR column on a pop culture entertainment website and taking it so seriously,

    And finally, I’m sorry Glenn Beck was canceled. I know that’s why you are really upset.

    • Wow, that’s really nice! And so mature, too! That’s sure to win the masses to your side!

      Also, as this is the Webternetz, anything and EVERYTHING you say will be taken as the Gospel of Jesus Christ himself. It’s kind of a rule (along with Godwin’s Law, which you initiated in your article).

      Third, Beck wasnt cancelled. His contract was to expire this december anyway, and he was not planning on renewing. http://newstaar.com/glenn-beck-not-fired-from-fox/353062/

      there’s a link with the details.

      Lastly, really, in the long run, would Trump being in be so big a deal? I mean, really? He may actually stop outsourcing all of our factory jobs (which would A-Help the Unions, and B-Bring more jobs back to America, thus increasing the GDP, meaning our budget each year could increase as well), and he would probably follow the general rules of buisness spending-you dont spend more than you take in, it’s bad for business!

      Then again, he could just send the whole thing to sh*t, and usher in the end of Civiliztion as we know it.

      Chirs (down below) is probably right, he’s getting some publicity.

  11. This column is a sick joke. People find true love on the Bachelor all the time. YOU ARE A LIAR SONIA.

    And a hippochit, too.

    • What’s a hippochit? Sounds kind of like a parasite that might live on the back of a hippopotamus.

      “The larval hippochit is about 2 cm in length and an adult male hippochit can grow up to 7 cm, drawing its nutrients from the blood of the African river hippo…”

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  13. Let’s set aside for a moment what kind if president Trump would be. The question is: is he seriously running. I believe the answer is a resounding No. Why would he want to be president? Trump is a deal maker. Deal.makers like the freedom to negotiate their business their way. As president, he, and every business deal he has ever made would be under a microscope. No one wants that. Trump likes making deals and seeing his name on things (this is not a criticism, btw). To be president would prevent I’m from doing what he lives for. So…why the talk if running? Publicity. Massive amounts of free publicity, and the media is eating up everything that he is serving. He’s shrewd.

    • Well said, sir.

  14. Trump is a Chump. I hope you don’t get what’s coming to you if you do vote for him, because it will mean all the sane people (that don’t vote for him) will get the same shaft along with you. He’s a user and a liar. That’s all.

    • I second that emotion, Roger.

  15. “The article is supposed to be humorous”, but I’m laying it on the line by saying I married a white guy.”

    Yea, I’ve got black friends. Thats classic.

    Sonia, while this article supplies the racist, leftist, sick, twisted view of the world and of politics, it is far from “humorous”. It is however a huge JOKE. Too bad the “U.S. Citizens”, myself included, are collectively not laughing anymore. Bush is a friggin genius compared to the IDIOT that now occupies the once honorable office of presidency. 2012- hope and change, bitches.

    • Hey genius, I think you mean, “That’s classic.”

  16. I love Trump. He is so smart, milking the political process, and the election for one of the most important positions in the world, as FREE PR for his crap show! He’s totally sincere in wanting to run…really…just look at his track record, he’s run as a conservative, a democrat, and even a Martian! All for FREE PR! Oh, he also has made himself rich taking advantage of his own so-called constituents (well now that he’s a conservative) and now they all line up to defend him! Told you he was smart. Well, smarter than some of the yokels on here, at any rate. FYI, he should totally pick Rosie O as his VP. That would be magical. Two wingey douche bags for the price of one!

    Linda Lee
  17. lol @Linda Lee. Well said.

    Personally, I would totally watch “Who Wants to be Vice President” But I think he should do it as his platform in running. “I won’t choose a running mate, instead will have a reality show AFTER I’m in office for it.” I guarntee he’d get A-listers rather than D-listers on his stupid show. Chuck Norris would be an awesome VP.

    Oh yeah, and Sonia rocks. If you are too dumb and small-minded not to see the humor here, I feel a tiny bit sad for you. A tiny bit.

    Peter Brown
    • Trump/Norris 2012!

  18. Norris no one’s running mate. trump would have to be his

    Norris/Trump 2012

    Eric Rubin
    • Norris needs no VP. He can do both jobs. Besides, it’s not like Chuck Norris would even need a VP! Norris/Norris 2012!

      • Uh… That’s kind of redundant. “Norris needs not VP/Not like would need VP” kinda mean the exact same thing, aye?

        But it’s right you are-Norris needs no VP. Hell, he dont even have to RUN-he’d just roundhouse kick the opponent into consession!

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