I don’t believe that Donald Trump is really running for president. If he was he would have already launched a reality show in which people compete to be his running mate.

I think we can all agree that Gary Busey would totally win that one.

Still, when people talk about Donald Trump running for president I cringe. Why? Because people are saying they would actually vote for him. Normally, something this ridiculous would make me laugh out loud like the time my friend tried to convince me that McDonald’s oatmeal is healthy – except I live in the state that elected Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Donald Trump in THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE | ©NBC/Ali Goldstein

Will Donald Trump's State of the Union addresses happen in the board room? How will he encourage job growth when he's firing everybody? | ©NBC/Ali Goldstein

I won’t lie, sometimes this country makes me nervous. There are people in this country that think Sarah Palin is smart. There are people in this country that think THE BACHELOR is really going to find love. There are people in this country that think Charlie Sheen is actually winning. Hell, we can’t even be trusted to vote wisely on AMERICAN IDOL.

U.S. citizen: “He’s cute. I’m voting for him.”
Me: “Oh, do you like his singing? Would you buy his album?”
U.S. citizen: “No, but he’s cute. I’m voting for him.”

U.S. citizen: “Donald Trump is famous. I’m voting for him.”
Me: “Oh, do you think he can actually think he would make a good president?”
U.S. citizen: “No. I recognize his name. I’m voting for him.”

Here is something people are actually saying about Donald Trump: “Donald Trump could fix this country’s financial woes.”


Stop watching CELEBRITY APPRENTICE and read a newspaper. Trump filed for corporate bankruptcy in 1991, 1992, 2004 and 2009. Just because Donald Trump says he is good with money doesn’t mean he is good with money. Like most people who run for public office, he lies.

He doesn’t make good decisions. Look at his hair! You think that jacked up comb over is good decision. During an appearance on THE VIEW, Trump joked that if his daughter, Ivanka, wasn’t his daughter, he would date her because she’s so hot. You think that’s a good decision. Maybe in Alabama …

Donald Trump thinks President Obama wasn’t born in this country, yet he has somehow managed to sweep this under the rug and become President of the United States. Yes, I’m sure no one did any major research on Obama before the election. In other words, Trump is as crazy as Tea Partiers. Maybe Trump and Michelle Bachmann can go to lunch, where they eat paste and talk about how Obama is just like Hitler and the evils of the census.

Trump, stick to what you do best: Getting divorced, filing for bankruptcy and hosting mind-numbing reality shows.

But just in case … if Donald Trump does run for president, please don’t vote for him, people. He would rename the White House as Trump House.

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