It was only time before someone came up with a novel application to aid the filmmaking industry and the new app Doddle has done just that.



Created by Mobile Imagination partners Richard Kwiat and Jim Robertson, Doddle (which by definition is a “job or task that’s easy to complete”) is an international resource guide (and available for iPhone, iPad and soon for Blackberry and Android) for film industry professionals and allows film productions to use their GPS on their phone to get nearby locations or reviews of vendors, restaurants, etc among other things.

Additionally, it allows people to put their profile and skills on the Doddle site, so if a production is looking for crew with a specific expertise, this app provides additional ways to be sought after for jobs.

“It’s completely interactive and based around location-based subjects,” says Harvey Osborn, a partner and Global Head of Sales for Doddle.

For example, Osborn says if you’re shooting a film in Santa Monica, the Doddle app will allow someone to find nearby hotels and restaurants.

“It also helps local businesses,” Osborn says.

Of course, the paid version of the app, Doddle Pro, does even more creating a revolutionary new digital call sheet which Osborn hopes will separate them from the pack.

“It’s a paperless production,” says Osborn. “We don’t print anything. Everything is electronic in that respect as well. You can build electronic call sheets within the Doddle App. And then you can send that out electronically to everyone including prop people, location managers. If you’re in Doddle, you receive it within the doddle app, and if not, you get it as a PDF. It’s a very easy to use product.”

The price point for Doddle is attractive too. If you use the product in its standard form, it’s free to use and list yourself.

Doddle Pro is the paid version of the app which gives you access to the digital call sheets as well as a premium listing, a resume, five photos and five video reels for $129 a year.

“We want this to appeal and be available to everyone,” says Osborn. “We don’t want it to appeal to people with big budgets and big advertising. We want any vendor or any crew to be able to use it.”

That said, Osborn also is quick to note that Doddle will continue to evolve over time too.

“There’s no finish line to Doddle,” he adds. “It’s not like we wanted to achieve something and stop. Already we have a product that is clearly superior to everything out there. We’re already working on five or six different things in the background to make the product better and better. We even just revised our website, so now  we have blogs, discussion forums and industry relevant news feed.”

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