Soap fans were obviously upset that ABC cancelled their long-running daytime soaps ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and that’s extended to the promise of boycotting the reality shows replacing them on ABC’s daytime schedule.

Executive producer Gordon Elliott of THE CHEW, a new food talk show (think THE VIEW with food) that will air in that soap time slot, addressed this concern to the press today during a Television Critics Association session.

“We hope that [soap fans] will enjoy our show,” says Elliott who was thrilled to hear ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE will live on in new episodes on the internet. “We were asked to join ABC’s line-up because daytime tastes have changed. We would love it if soap fans would [follow] us, since their [soaps] will not be online and they have their cake and eat it to.”

Elliott also reiterated that it wasn’t his decision to cancel the shows – their show was just asked to fill that time slot.

“We don’t control the process,” says Elliott. “I am greatly relieved the [soaps] are moving online. While they’re not going to be on TV, it will be more convenient for people to watch them. I hope they give us a break. If they don’t like out show, we can’t control it. We can only control what goes on our television show.”

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Article: THE CHEW producer talks about replacing ABC’s daytime soaps

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  1. how come Gordon Elliott doesn’t have a twitter account

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  4. All My Children and One Life to Live are great shows! Now that Daytime viewers want scripted entertainment, not infomercials disguised as talk shows. ABC may as well leave static on the screen all day; it’ll be cheaper, and that’s all they care about.

    Soap fans, please join our campaign to get our soaps on television elsewhere:

  5. You can hope all you want, I and many other’s will never watch your crap. ABC will find out soon enough how much our tastes have not changed. Today’s soap opera viewers started as children watching it while their mother’s watched. When I need a cooking show, Food Network will do. Choke on The Chew.

  6. I will never watch the Chew or anything else on ABC once AMC and OLTL go off. Boycotting the station and the sponsos. I am hoping the biggies at ABC are following our complaints. If not, they’ll find out how we feel when ratings drop to nothing.

  7. There is no way that I will ever watch the replacement shows. Bring back our soaps! The only thing I would’ve watched on ABC was Desperate Housewives and you cancelled that too. Bye Bye ABC

  8. I am a gay male who loves watching, and keeping up with All My Children, and One Life To Live; but like many other Soap Opera fans of AMC and OLTL, aside from continuing to watch General Hospital, I will also be boycotting the ABC station and their sponsors. If the top executives at ABC who make the decisions are even paying attention to our comments, I hope that they rethink canceling our beloved soaps; if they don’t, they will regret it when their ratings start to plummet faster than the stock market, because their ratings will NOT come back up or stabilize like the stock market does, once they’ve lost enough viewers. So for their sake I hope they listen to the viewers if they don’t want to be boycotted.

  9. Daytime tastes have NOT changed. One Life to Live was ABC’s highest rated Daytime show. The number and intensity of the protests that followed the cancellations should have shown ABC and Disney that daytime viewers want to be able to choose quality shows.

    The fact is, what changed was the network’s mindset. They want CHEAP, not QUALITY. With this in mind, why doesn’t ABC consider bringing back test patterns? They would cost next to nothing, and would certainly be more entertaining that the drivel they call “The Chew”.

  10. I refuse to watch either of those sewage shows! I look at them like turds with feet. You can afford to keep soaps on do not treat us stupid when you do you look stupid abc. You won’t sell the rights either and I will blast it on every single site! You people are low life. Crawl back down the sewer in which you crawled out of! Its to late for the soaps and I hope abc your real proud of yourselves. You won’t sell the rights cause you know perfectly well people won’t watch you what you don’t know is people are not watching you anyway anymore! Tell that FAT SLOB on the chew he needs a diet to. AND SEE A BARBER! They are even nasty looking enough I can’t stand to see them even for a second. Well you got cheap alright the shows the chew and revolution are living proof of that! I’ll say one more thing, if I had to chew on the tv show the chew I would vomit! I’d vomit all of you out and you are out abc you suck! We won’t quit cause if we quit we are the biggest loser! Take these two show off the air. You are causing polution to the air waves you scums!

  11. Sorry typo error its spelled pollution for all you english experts!



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