With GLEE entering Season 3, controversy has dogged the Fox show in the last few weeks. Some of it stems with co-creator Ryan Murphy talking about writing three of the show’s primary leads off the show (Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith) at the end of this season by having them graduating, but failing to mention he was quietly developing a spin-off for them.

It all blew up in everyone’s face, with tons of back-pedaling, and at today’s Summer 2011 Television Critics Association executive session, Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly spoke about it from the network perspective.

“The public nature took everyone by surprise,” says Reilly. “[Ryan] probably regrets it. We were talking about a [spin-off] at that point, and in the interim we’ve decided to focus on this year [of GLEE]. The spin-off is still in the wind. Let’s revisit it in the back half of this year when it should be revisited. It just got crazy. Some people were a little surprised but in the grand scheme of producing, it’s not a big controversy.”

As for this new season of GLEE, with the additional writing staff added, Reilly says the series is more focused than ever.

“It’s not about the biggest stars or the tribute numbers – it’s a good clean arc,” says Reilly. “The season feels so focused – it’s a back to basics year, this year.”

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Article: Fox talks about recent GLEE controversies, spin-off status and Season 3

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