While speaking to the press at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, writer-producer Damon Lindelof (LOST)  finally revealed the secrets behind the new film PROMETHEUS that he penned and produced for director Ridley Scott.

What started off as a prequel to Scott’s 1979 classic, ended up becoming its own entity. However, details were scarce until today as Lindelof spilled some of the secrets.

“I think from the beginning Ridley has been very cryptically obtuse about it,” says Lindelof. “There are some very big ideas in PROMETHEUS, thereby it covers a vast space of time – the past present and future. Is that oblique enough?”

Adds star Charlize Theron, who plays Meredith Vickers in the film – “You’re talking to the guy who created LOST,” she says with a laugh.

Lindelof gets into the cryptic fun too. “If you’re looking for answers you’ve come to the wrong place,” adds Lindelof dead-pan.

Still, there were some details that came to light during this conversation. Lindelof does confirm a draft of the script was written by John Spaihts that was a prequel to ALIEN, but Scott decided to move it into new territory.

“It’s a prequel leading up to the original movie, but thematically being about something else,” says Lindelof. “Introducing new characters in the movie was a big deal. Although the ideas of the movie are very big, we wanted to set it and make it feel like it’s in the same universe. Ridleyhasn’t directed a science-fiction movie in 25 years and [now he’s] doing one last heist. The bar was set very high.  Although there may be some familiar things from the ALIEN universe it does have a heart and mind of its own.”

One of the bigger things spoken about in the early days of the script was that the film would deal with the evolution of the Space Jockey seen in the original ALIEN briefly.

“Ridley originally made comments about how it would tie into the original ALIEN series and the Space Jockey,” says Lindelof. “A lot of the fun is seeing if and how we try to connect that. If you’re a fan of original film, there we will be Easter eggs to find. Maybe there’s a way it could be both which was the intention behind it.”

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(additional reporting by A.C.Ferrante)

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Article: Breaking News on the new Ridley Scott directed Alien prequel PROMETHEUS

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