SONS OF ANARCHY, writer/producer Kurt Sutter’s drama about the family dynamics and power struggles of the SAMCRO motorcycle gang in the fictional small town of Charming, California, just roared back for its fourth season.

While SONS OF ANARCHY has a lot of external pressures on SAMCRO, much of the conflict comes between Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), son of the late former leader of the gang, and his stepfather/current gang leader Clarence “Clay” Morrow, played by Ron Perlman. At the end of Season Three, Clay, Jax and most of the rest of the gang drew a fourteen-month prison stretch. Season Four begins on the day of their release.

Perlman, who can currently be seen as the hero’s equally ferocious father in the remake of CONAN THE BARBARIAN and is also in the upcoming DRIVE, gives ASSIGNMENT X some exclusive insight on how recent events have impacted Clay.

ASSIGNMENT X: Are you playing it as though prison has had any effect on Clay?

RON PERLMAN: I’m playing it [that he’s affected by] not so much prison, but the loss of fourteen months in a guy’s life who’s closer to the end than he is to the beginning. There’s now an urgency to him wanting to figure out what his legacy is and enacting whatever the plans are going to have to be to set that legacy in place. Much more urgent than ever before. And then that is exacerbated by his physical limitations that are becoming more and more obvious and more and more in his face, less and less something that he has control over. And he’s a control freak. So yeah, you’re going to see a real sea change in Clay in Season Four.

AX: Is his relationship with Jax changing, or just becoming more of what it’s already been?

PERLMAN: It’s becoming more of what it’s already been. There’s an urgency with Jax this season as well. They’re both going down different roads, but they’re going down them together, and they both understand each other’s need to resolve certain things, which creates a different kind of bond with them, but nonetheless, it is a bond.

AX: And how is Clay dealing with his young grandson, Jax’s son?

PERLMAN: Clay hasn’t had much time this season to deal with his grandson.

AX: What else should we know about SONS OF ANARCHY this coming season?

PERLMAN: That it’s all Charming, all the time. No more of these exotic trips to the nether regions. It’s about resolving the stuff that’s gotten out of hand here, and about positioning ourselves to truly articulate the present state of the club and the future state of the club.


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Article: Exclusive Interview with SONS OF ANARCHY actor Ron Perlman

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