Catherine Kresge during filming of RCVR | ©2011 Science 2 Fiction/Machinima

Catherine Kresge during filming of RCVR | ©2011 Science 2 Fiction/Machinima

While many science-fiction series deal with uncovering the truth, the two main characters of RCVR, the new hit transmedia web series on Machinima, are actually looking to cover up the truth.

The six-part series (Episode 4 debuts Wednesday on Machinima) is directed and created by David Van Eyssen and set in 1973. Daniel Bonjour and Catherine Kresge play Luke Weber and Sandy Bergson, SIGMA operatives tasked with covering up a UFO sighting in rural Arkansas. However, they soon discover that Weber may play a bigger role in this phenomenon than he realizes.

For Kresge, getting a chance to play such a multi-layered role was exciting and has been thrilled by how ambitious the series has turned out to be.

In this exclusive interview with ASSIGNMENT X, the up and coming actress speaks about her involvement with RCVR and how she’s really just a big sci-fi fan at heart.

ASSIGNMENT X: How did you get involved with RCVR?

CATHERINE KRESGE: I was really excited by the script just by the sides I got. After I got through the first round of auditions, David and I sat down to have an incredible 45-minute hour-long conversation about the script and he talked about all these ideas about the background that he’s been outlining over the last 13 years. Then I came back for a chemistry read with Daniel and the rest is history.

AX: How would you describe RCVR?

KRESGE: I guess if you’re going to compare it to anything, the X-FILES might be your closest comparison, because there are two FBI-like agents and we’re tracking something down that’s out of the ordinary. Beyond that, it definitely veers into a different course. We’re really involved in looking for things that could actually be part of our history that’s part of the human race. It’s 1973 in the story, we’re tracking things down that could have affected the way we’re living our lives in the present.

Catherine Kresge and Daniel Bonjour in RCVR - Series 1 | ©2011 Science 2 Fiction/Machinima

Catherine Kresge and Daniel Bonjour in RCVR - Series 1 | ©2011 Science 2 Fiction/Machinima

AX: There’s also a history between your two characters as well.

KRESGE: David did an amazing job of creating characters that had a history and had already developed where these characters are going. It’s not just about the Receiver hunting or the action part of it. All the information that they’ve had in the past, has lead them to this moment where the series starts. There is a wealth of relationship that has already been created in the past, that is going to be revealed as the series continues.

AX: Sandy is Daniel’s superior  – which definitely complicates things when stuff starts happening to Weber.

KRESGE: The relationship definitely gets complicated. It’s already complicated because of their romantic relationship in the past and a couple of events that would occur that would further the complications.

AX: The other aspect of RCVR that is pretty amazing is the production value that it has – it looks like a network TV series.

KRESGE: The quality of the camera they were shooting on was so high, and seeing some shots on set – everything looked so spectacular. Our hopes were that it would look like a quality production, but then seeing it all put together it honestly blew us away. Compared to what you think a web series would look like, this looks completely legit.

RCVR poster | ©2011 Science 2 Fiction/Machinima

RCVR poster | ©2011 Science 2 Fiction/Machinima

AX: David had mentioned he had a hard time finding an actress to play Sandy – do you have an idea why it was so hard to cast this role?

KRESGE: I think perhaps it’s a balance that has to be struck between Sandy’s vulnerability within regards to her relationship with Luke Weber, but also having to maintain that level of vulnerability of superior status that might have been difficult to find. Otherwise, maybe it’s also the chemistry that was a factor. I’m glad it landed down on me. It was such a blast to shoot and be a part of.

AX: Did you do research into the time period?

KRESGE: In terms of the period, I was thinking about the fact that women were coming into their power and I wanted to honor that with the sense of women’s empowerment. Obviously Sandy is the boss, and to think about the environment she must have worked in as she was coming up through the ranks that would have affected her as a character. Other than that – wardrobe really helped, because I was in some serious polyester. The high-waited pants helped you feel the period.

AX: You’re also an acting teacher.

KRESGE: I teach teens acting – it’s my weekend gig. I love to inspire youth and it’s a great way to use my creativity in a different outlet I guess.

AX: Are you a huge sci-fi fan?

KRESGE: I grew up on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. That was family night, every Friday night, we would gather around the television and just geek out to it. Then of course DEEP SPACE NINE and all of the films. I was a huge X-FILES fan as well.

Daniel Bonjour and Catherine Kresge in RCVR - Series 1 | ©2011 Science 2 Fiction/Machinima

Daniel Bonjour and Catherine Kresge in RCVR - Series 1 | ©2011 Science 2 Fiction/Machinima

AX: Are you looking forward to doing more episodes?

KRESGE: We’re looking forward to do Season 2 and we’re waiting to see what the response is.

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Article:  Exclusive Interview with RCVR actress Catherine Kresge


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