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  1. Great interview!
    Waiting for the next part :)

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  4. The first thing I noticed listening to “Murphy’s Law” was how well the vocals blended. Now, I see from this interview that that was what they were trying to achieve. The best thing about this project is the layers it has. Each band member is contributing their part to create this bigger sound. Let’s hope they can keep making music if only on a part time basis for many years to come.

  5. Really enjoyed this interview…Especially liked how every member of the band, old and new, was given an opportunity to talk about their involvement and connection to the group and each other. It gives a very good idea as to what Ghost of the Robot is about. And having listened to the new music and downloaded it, I do feel their new album, Murphy’s Law, is very worthy. They put their heart and soul into this one and it shows.

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  7. Awesome interview. IIRC Abbie, you’ve interviewed James several times in the past, right? Good for Sullivan getting the band back together. I really like MURPHY’S LAW, it’s a good album. Good luck to the guys in the band and I’m looking forward to Part 2!

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  9. The CD listening party was an incredible experience to visit with the guys, ask a bunch of questions and talk. I couldn’t think of a nicer bunch of folks to spend the evening with outside of my immediate family ! So much talent crammed into one group ! The two shows in Santa Monica (October and December, 2010) were awesome, as well. A once in a lifetime show TWICE in as many months. Wow, how lucky for us !


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