It’s been a twelve-year trek for Burkhard Dallwitz to re-unite with director Peter Weir since THE TRUMAN SHOW. And while Dallwitz certainly didn’t undergo the trans-continental travails of THE WAY BACK, the stirring empathy that he gives to his second, and long overdue collaboration with Weir certainly pays tribute to the need for freedom, one that drove the film’s characters from Siberia to India.

As the soundtrack starts out with an eerie mix between dark orchestral sustains, gnarled chords, subdued ethnic percussion and an overall aura of unknowable doom, you might think you’re listening to a soundtrack about Gulag escapees making their way across the surface of Mars, or the ruins of the post-apocalypse.

As their musical journey progresses, Dallwitz subtly brings in the string emotion, percolating guitars and more apparent Oriental atmospheres, conveying an aural landscape with vast stretches of fateful beauty to get across. That’s not bad for a score that Weir barely seems to use in quest for documentary realism.

Nevertheless, Dallwitz brings the journey to an end with an orchestrally thematic T.K.O that transforms his threatening start into the sound of spiritual transcendence. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait so long before this remarkable duo’s next cinematic journey.


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