Composing in musical footsteps where Alan Menken (aka Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST), Georges Auric and Lee Holdridge didn’t fear to tread, rising composer Marcelo Zarvos has written what might be the most unexpectedly pleasant score to accompany a tale as seemingly old as time.

His sprightly, alt. stylings of BEASTLY are especially happy given the Goth advertising that’s accompanied this tween update, which throws the characters into a magical high school setting. Zarvos strikes an often lilting, if not sometimes downright pokey mix between lush strings, tender piano playing and subtle rock stylings.

Rather than his music reflecting a beauty throwing herself against the dark resistance of a bully bound for a nice-guy transformation, Zarvos’ nicely thematic score is mostly about the enchantment of falling for a really cool tattooed guy. It’s a soundtrack that continues to show Zarvos’ highly listenable talent for gossamer, repeating rhythms, gently swirling melodies that quickly pull listeners into BEASTLY’s none-too-primal spell

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