You wouldn’t think of the Scottish highlands as a place abounding with cliffhanging thrills better suited for Sylvester Stallone. Yet promising action composer Michael Richard Plowman (SPLINTER CELL) gives his all to build a convincing, musically formidable mountain for A LONELY PLACE TO DIE – kidnapping thriller-cum-wilderness adventure.

Having last given Union Jack-waving glory to the WW2 AGE OF HEROES on the Movie Score Media label, the English composer is back on MSM to deliver more noteworthy thrills. With just a bit of pipes and flutes to get across the Celtic location, Plowman uses an engaging number of approaches for the characters’ perilous rush to lower ground, from craggy percussion to icily villainous synths and a mournful piano.

It’s a grab-bag score that keeps DIE engagingly desperate, yet with a mournful attitude that also gets across its lethal solitude. But perhaps its most haunting selections are the songs “The Burning of Auchindoun” and “Little Sadie,” proving there’s nothing more ominous than a guitar and fiddle accompanying a lonely woman’s voice as she sings the Scottish blues.


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Article: CD Review – A LONELY PLACE TO DIE  soundtrack

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