With movies and TV fascinated with superheroes, it’s about time someone looked at the other side of being superhuman – namely the human side of things.

That’s what the new Syfy series ALPHAS (debuting in July) hopes to accomplish. Created by X-MEN and THE AVENGERS scribe Zak Penn and Michael Karnow, the series follows five ordinary people who end up forming an extraordinary team helping out the Department of Defense.

“I think superheroes have a lot of trouble on TV in general,” admits Penn while speaking today at NBC’s Summer Press Day 2011 in Pasadena, CA. “This show, from its very conception, our mantra was we were not doing a superhero show. It’s not people dressing up in costumes and fighting crime. It’s really about people who have extraordinary abilities. We’re firmly in the science fiction universe. It’s not a comic book show. It’s not about a bunch of heroes that fight crime. Since the show was conceived that way, no one would confuse with the movies I’ve written. It’s coming from a different place.”

Having written many of the Marvel superhero films, Penn says it was high time to look at being a hero in a real world setting.

“That was important for me going into this show,” adds Penn. “When they go to a crime scene, they need to find change for a meter. They work in an office, but they can’t agree on who gets what office. The world that exists around the superheroes interested me more than ‘what bridge can I have Magneto rip out of the ground now.”

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