Cool news on the movie front today – it’s official that Elijah Wood will be returning to the Shire and appear in the two-film Peter Jackson directed THE HOBBIT as Frodo Baggins, a role he originated in the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy.

Ironically, Frodo doesn’t appear in THE HOBBIT books, but I’m sure Jackson has a logical way of incorporating him into the universe.

Expect more news of other returning RINGS actors in the coming weeks.

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  2. Maybe as Hobbit, he is doing a good job, but as real person he sucks.
    All his Colleagues, and all the Directors just said good and nice things about him, but Persons he met online like us, he treats like s*** and kick the a**es, when he does not need them anymore, or he found new ones.
    He is not the Person he plays in public, he is just a cruel and mean Person, who is playing with hearts!

    Silvia and Evelyn

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