With AMERICAN IDOL enjoying a renewed success this year in Season 10 without its iconic judge Simon Cowell, the one thing that has been forgotten is that new judge Jennifer Lopez only signed on for the show for one year.

Fox Entertainment Chairman Peter Rice spoke to the press today about this fall’s Fox schedule and talked about the current judging situation at AMERICAN IDOL which also includes Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson.

“Everyone has multiple year contracts and Jennifer has a single year contract,” explains Rice. “We haven’t talked to her about the show, but we’re hoping she’ll return. She’s having a fun time doing the show.”

Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly also notes that the show wouldn’t haven remained such a success without the format and the contestants this year.

“The format is so strong that ultimately, we needed credibility with judges and wanted them to be there and be entertaining,” says Reilly. “And we needed chemistry between them and they gave us that in spades.”

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