Every year at the American Film Market, which is held in Santa Monica at the Loews Santa Monica Hotel, new companies try to come up with a slightly altered business models to grow while also rewarding the filmmakers whose films they’re selling.

Victory Angel Films is no different – spearheaded by filmmaker Brian Skiba, who created Victory Angel Films with the intent to find a way to navigate through the foreign market place without having to go to other foreign distribution channels.

“We started off six or seven years ago as filmmakers and we had a movie that we knew made money – the distributor was reporting how many units had been moved but the middleman wasn’t,” says Skiba. “We felt, we knew how to make movies but the problem area was post-production and distribution. If we were to get all the post-production tools to finish a movie and distribute our own films, we would eliminate those areas and also guarantee our returns.”

Hence, the formation of Victory Angel Films which is not only home to films that Skiba serves as executive producer, writer and/or director on, but also taking on projects that aren’t finished yet and completing them and bringing them to the market.

“We’re not here to rip anyone off, because we’ve been ripped off,” says Skiba.”

As for what’s been doing well at AFM 2011 for the company, Skiba says that horror still sells, though buyers are looking for more creature feature films.

“There’s also a resurgence of family films and we have four or five of those,” says Skiba.

In many ways, Victory Angel Films is an the anti-thesis for the studio model, because they believe you don’t need to spend $200 million to make a profitable movie.

“Right now the problem with studios, they’re still sitting on the old school model,” says Skiba. “We’re not spending an exorbitant amount of money and we’re working with the young blood new filmmakers and stretching every single dollar and our films are looking just as good as the $15-$20 million film that was just put out by a studio. “


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Article: AFM 2011: Victory Angel Films profile

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