THE ARK: Actress Christie Burke gives the scoop on Season 2 – Exclusive Interview

THE ARK - Season 2 Key Art | ©2024 Syfy//Electric Entertainment

THE ARK enters its second season on Syfy Channel, Wednesday, July 17, in full crisis mode. Created by Dean Devlin, THE ARK is set one hundred years from now, when groups of humanity are fleeing the Earth in “Ark” spaceships, seeking more habitable planets. The inhabitants of Ark 1 are awakened from their cryogenic sleep over a year before they reach their intended destination. The catastrophe that caused this unexpected development has badly damaged the ship, and killed all of the senior crew. People who thought they’d just be learning the ropes in their designated fields are abruptly tasked with […]Read On »


CRIMINAL MINDS: EVOLUTION: Actors A.J. Cook, Aisha Tyler and Ryan-James Hatanaka on Season 2 of the spin-off – Exclusive interview

CRIMINAL MINDS: EVOLUTION - Season 2 | ©2024 Paramount+

Paramount Plus’s CRIMINAL MINDS: EVOLUTION is now in its second season, with new episodes dropping Thursdays on the streaming platform. Essentially, this is Season 17 of CRIMINAL MINDS, which ran from 2005 through 2020 on CBS, then moved in its slightly new iteration to Paramount Plus in 2022. It has recently been announced that CRIMINAL MINDS: EVOLUTION has been picked up for Season 3/Season 18, depending on how one calculates these things. CRIMINAL MINDS: EVOLUTION follows the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, or BAU, as they track down serial killers. Unlike the mostly standalone CBS episodes, both seasons of CRIMINAL MINDS: […]Read On »


SHARK WEEK: ALIEN SHARKS: GHOSTS OF JAPAN: Researcher Forrest Galante on Discovery Channel documentary – Exclusive Interview

ALIEN SHARKS: GHOSTS OF JAPAN Key Art | ©2024 Discovery Channel

John Cena hosts Discovery/Discovery+ Channel’s thirty-sixth annual SHARK WEEK, running this year from July 7 through July 13. One of the regular features of SHARK WEEK is ALIEN SHARKS, which explores endangered and unusual creatures. This year’s installment, ALIEN SHARKS: GHOSTS OF JAPAN, is set in the waters off that nation. The special follows the quest of the Discovery team to find the rare Japanese angel shark. Wildlife biologist Forrest Galante, a host on both Discovery+ and Animal Planet, was part of the GHOSTS OF JAPAN team. Galante has been witness to a lot of events seldom captured on camera. […]Read On »


SHARK WEEK: 6000 LB. SHARK: Researcher Tom Hird on new shark documentary – Exclusive Interview

SHARK WEEK 2024 Key Art | ©2024 Discovery Channel

Extremely fit tough guy John Cena is the host of Discovery/Discovery+ Channel’s SHARK WEEK, running this year from Sunday, July 7 through Saturday, July 13. We didn’t get to ask him about the premise of the episode 6000 LB. SHARK, which at first glance seems like it might be about shark obesity. However, Tom “the Blowfish” Hird got on Zoom with Assignment X to talk about the episode. Hird, who describes himself as “the world’s only heavy-metal marine biologist,” is originally from Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. A prolific diver, Hird’s writings include the book BLOWFISH’S OCEANOPEDIEA: 291 EXTRAORDINARY THINGS YOU […]Read On »


SHARK WEEK: Shark expert Paul de Gelder on his five different specials – Exclusive Interview


Shark expert Paul de Gelder has had a busy year preparing for Discovery Channel’s thirty-sixth annual SHARK WEEK, which this year runs Sunday July 7 through Saturday July13. De Gelder is involved in five SHARK WEEK programs this time around: SYDNEY HARBOR SHARK INVASION, which premieres Sunday July 7, GREAT WHITE SERIAL KILLER: SEA OF BLOOD, which premieres Monday July 8, DEADLIEST BITE, which premieres Tuesday July 9, and THE REAL SHARKANO and SHARK ATTACK ISLAND, both of which premiere Friday July 12. DE GELDER: No, this was the first five months of this year [2024], so I’ve been diddy-bopping […]Read On »


SHARKFEST: SHARK ATTACK 360°: Shark scientist Gibbs Kuguru on new NatGeo miniseries – Exclusive Interview

SHARK ATTACK 360° Key Art | ©2024 National Geographic

One of the main features of National Geographic’s annual month-long SHARKFEST programming this year is SHARK ATTACK 360°. This eight-episode miniseries explores how, why, and where sharks attack, what can be done to deter them, and the surprising reactions of many human survivors. All eight episodes are available on Hulu and Disney+ starting Monday, July 1. The on-air National Geographic episodes premiere over the course of July beginning Tuesday, July 2, and will then run on National Geographic Wild beginning August 1. The series host is marine biologist Dr. Diva Amon. Shark scientist Gibbs Kuguru participates is four of the […]Read On »


THE KILLER INSIDE: THE RUTH FINLEY STORY: Actors Teri Hatcher and Tahmoh Penikett on new Lifetime film | Interview


In 1946, then sixteen-year-old Ruth Smock was subjected to sexual assault that left her scarred both physically and psychologically. By 1977, Ruth was happily married to Ed Finley in Wichita, Kansas, when she was stalked and abducted. At the same time, the serial murderer BTK was active in the area, leading the police to wonder if the crimes were linked. What actually happened is the basis of THE KILLER INSIDE: THE RUTH FINLEY STORY, written by Katie Gruel and directed by Greg Beeman. The Lifetime telefilm, starring Teri Hatcher as Ruth and Tahmoh Penikett as Ed, premieres Saturday, June 29. […]Read On »


DEVIL ON CAMPUS: THE LARRY RAY STORY: Director/actor Elisabeth Rohm and Billy Zane on new Lifetime film

DEVIL ON CAMPUS: THE LARRY RAY STORY Key Art | ©2024 Lifetime Networks

Larry Ray, the father of a college student at Sarah Lawrence College, moved into his daughter’s dorm, presented himself as a life coach for her classmates, then began preying on them psychologically, physically and financially. The case was the subject of the 2023 documentary miniseries STOLEN YOUTH: INSIDE THE CULT AT SARAH LAWRENCE. Now, the true-life saga has been adapted as a Lifetime telefilm, DEVIL ON CAMPUS: THE LARRY RAY STORY. It premieres on Lifetime Sunday, June 23. Elisabeth Rohm directed DEVIL ON CAMPUS, which has a teleplay by Waneta Storms, as well serving as a producer and appearing in […]Read On »


FRONTLINE: CRISIS ON CAMPUS: Filmmaker James Jacoby on new documentary – Exclusive Interview

FRONTLINE: CRISIS ON CAMPUS Key Art | ©2024 Jeenah Moon/Reuters/PBS

The FRONTLINE documentary CRISIS ON CAMPUS premieres on PBS on Tuesday, June 11. The crisis has only intensified since writer/director/producer James Jacoby sat down for an interview with ASSIGNMENT X during the Winter 2024 Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour in February 2024. At that time, Jacoby was in the middle of production on CRISIS ON CAMPUS, so he could not speak about the final edit. Jacoby was also one of the filmmakers on the FRONTLINE documentaries NETANYAHU, AMERICA & THE WAR IN GAZA/FAILURE AT THE FENCE, which premiered on December 19, 2023, and NETANYAHU, AMERICA & THE ROAD TO […]Read On »


INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE: Actress Delainey Hayles on Season 2 of the AMC series – Exclusive Interview

INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE - Season 2 Key Art | ©2024AMC Networks

ANNE RICE’S INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, based on the late Rice’s series of vampire novels, is now in its second season Sunday nights on AMC and AMC+. While “the” vampire of the title is Louis de Pont du Lac (Jacob Anderson), being interviewed in the present by human journalist Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian), one of the most indelible characters in both the first book and in the series is the vampire Claudia. In Rice’s novel Interview with a Vampire, Claudia is turned at the age of five and is forever trapped in that body; the series has her turned as […]Read On »

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