TV Review: TRUE BLOOD – Season 5 – “Whatever I Am, You Made Me”

Rutina Wesley in TRUE BLOOD - Season 5 - "Whatever I Am, You Made Me" | ©2012 HBO/John P. Johnson

Just in case we weren’t aware of the keen contributions normally made to TRUE BLOOD by Rutina Wesley’s blunt-spoken Tara and Kristin Bauer van Straten’s brilliantly acerbic Pam, the episode “Whatever I Am, You Made Me” drives the point home by muffling both characters. Make no mistake, Tara and Pam are both front and center here, it’s just that they’re both in dead serious mode. Newly-vamped Tara, having fled from her cousin Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) and Sookie (Anna Paquin), almost kills a helpless woman changing a tire. Tara gets some self-control and takes shelter with old boss/boyfriend/shapeshifter Sam (Sam Trammell). […]Read On »

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