POP SHOW PODCAST – Episode 5: The Emmys, L.A traffic and more

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Hi folks, the POP SHOW PODCAST is back again after a bit of a hiatus and this time the gang got together to discuss all the interesting stuff happening in the realm of pop culture. In this episode, I get kidnapped and tortured (true story), we discuss The Emmys and if award shows have meaning, how L.A. traffic might be getting worse, the troubles with network television and a short discussion on the new hit TV show FEAR THE WALKING DEAD. Listen and Subscribe to the POP SHOW PODCAST on iTunes! POP SHOW PODCAST on other podcast outlets (coming soon)! Follow […]Read On »


Interview: THE LINCOLN LAWYER composer Cliff Martinez lays down the law

Composer Cliff Martinez

If there’s a rhythm of the heat to the underworld, and those legally profiting from it, then it would likely be the sound of Cliff Martinez’s undulating, darkly ethereal beats. It’s a dangerous vibe caught between sinister grooves and the existential feel of psyches caught in a moral morass- almost as if Martinez was hearing them trying to swim to redemption- whether they be a revenge-consumed LIMEY, the guilt-riddled cops of NARC and VICE, or the tapestry of drug-affected characters in TRAFFIC. Now Martinez literally picks up that beautifully menacing drive again with THE LINCOLN LAWYER, its passenger’s conflicted soul […]Read On »

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