Exclusive Interview: Julie Gardner and the Future of TORCHWOOD – Part 2

BBC Worldwide's Julie Gardner | ©2011 BBC

Julie Gardner one of the executive producers on TORCHWOOD, has always been a fan of its parent series DOCTOR WHO. So when she and Russell T Davies brought WHO back in 2005, it was a dream come true. The pair then went on to create the successful spins of THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES and TORCHWOOD. TORCHWOOD MIRACLE DAY has finished airing now, but our exclusive interview with Gardner continues as she tells ASSIGNMENT X a bit about the future of the series, and responds to criticism the series has gotten for portraying homosexual relationships. ASSIGNMENT X: So at San Diego […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: Julie Gardner on the Evolution of TORCHWOOD – Part 1

John Barrowman in TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - "The New World" | ©2011 BBC Worldwide Limited

Julie Gardner is a name that most DOCTOR WHO and TORCHWOOD fans are familiar with. She is one of the people directly responsible for the resurrection of the WHO franchise in 2005, and the subsequent spin-offs TORCHWOOD and THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES. Gardner’s list of series she has been involved with is as extensive as the awards she has won for her work in television. In 2009 Gardner relocated to Los Angeles to become the Senior Vice President of Scripted television for BBC Worldwide Productions. She and WHO producing partner Russell T Davies have continued to create new television, and […]Read On »

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