CD Review: THE FINAL MEMBER soundtrack

THE FINAL MEMBER soundtrack | ©2014 Movie Score Media

Whether it was a mildly horny teen in THE WAY WAY BACK, a guy getting it on with his dream girl through a good number of the (500) DAYS OF SUMMER or a high school senior MacDaddy facing THE SPECTACULAR NOW, Rob Simonsen has scored more than a few films where using one’s penis is of vital importance. The difference with THE FINAL MEMBER  is that it becomes a detachment contest among three particularly giving guys who want to donate their Johnson to the Icelandic Phallological Museum, the preeminent (and only) penis museum on the planet that needs to complete […]Read On »


Interview: Rob Simonsen on scoring THE SPECTACULAR NOW and THE WAY WAY BACK

Rob Simonsen | ©2013 Rob Simonsen

Just as guitars and soulful rock-pop melody signaled the youthquake revolution in film scoring with Simon and Garfunkel’s score to THE GRADUATE in 1967, today’s movies about troubled teens on the cusp of a far larger adult world are sounding out with a similar spirit that reflects what the “kids” are listening to, as opposed to their grandparents’ old-school symphonic scores. However, pop-rock is an ever-growing animal as well, having ventured well off the top 40 mainstream since the days when a strumming approach was all that you needed to signal a post-adolescent breaking away from conformity. Now teen dramedies […]Read On »

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