Exclusive Interview:ONE OF OUR THURSDAYS IS MISSING Author Jasper Fforde talks about what’s Next – Part 2

THE FOURTH BEAR by Jasper Fforde

Author Jasper Fforde | ©2011 Jasper Fforde In Part Two of our exclusive interview with ONE OF OUR THURSDAYS IS MISSING author Jasper Fforde, he discusses his new novel,  fanfic, his NURSERY CRIMES books, his novel SHADES OF GREY and more. ASSIGNMENT X: When did you realize people were really responding to the THURSDAY books? JASPER FFORDE: Well, [THE EYRE AFFAIR] did extraordinarily for the kind of book that it is, a fantasy mish-mash cross-genre book. In the States, we got onto the New York Times bestseller list, which was extraordinary. But it was very much a word of mouth […]Read On »

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