Exclusive Interview: Anthony C. Ferrante hears the SCREAM OF THE BANSHEE

Lance Henriksen in SCREAM OF THE BANSHEE | ©2011 After Dark Films/Syfy

  SCREAM OF THE BANSHEE is the Syfy Channel’s 200th original Saturday night movie, airing tonight at 9 PM which stars Lauren Holly as a college professor who unleashes a powerful Banshee and needs the help of Lance Henriksen to stop it. BANSHEE’s screenwriter  Anthony C. Ferrante (and AX‘s co-founder) marks the occasion by telling us all about banshees and why it’s cool to have a movie on Syfy. ASSIGNMENT X: Was SCREAM OF THE BANSHEE selected specifically to be Syfy’s 200th original film, or did it just work out that way? ANTHONY C. FERRANTE: It just turned out to […]Read On »

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