Exclusive Interview: EUROPA REPORT director Sebastian Cordero on is new sci-fi film

EUROPA REPORT | ©2013 Magnet Releasing

One thing you can be sure of when watching a video, VHS or Hi-8 that someone has salvaged is that those people we’re watching on any given media have met a dark end. This has increasingly become the same old “found footage” story that masks an excuse for shoddy filmmaking and amateurish acting, with everyone from teens to astronauts getting into the usually (and unfortunately) profitable act. That makes the findings of EUROPA REPORT the genre equivalent of discovering extra-terrestrial life. Rarely has a format’s tired bones been jolted with a bravura display of technical savvy, excellent performances (including DISTRICT 9‘s Sharito […]Read On »


Exclusive Photos of the last flight of Space Shuttle ENDEAVOUR

The Space Shuttle Endeavour flies over the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood | ©2012 Sue Schneider

September 21st was such a special and exciting day as the Space Shuttle ENDEAVOUR made its last voyage on top of a re-vamped 747 to the Los Angeles International Airport, as I am sure that most of you saw on television. Knowing that it was going over the Hollywood Sign and the Getty Museum I was hoping that it would swing over my way and I was not disappointed. Sitting on my rooftop it finally came, not once, but three times and I was up there snapping away. I hope you enjoy seeing a few of my photos of the […]Read On »

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