Interview: COMMUNITY star Yvette Nicole Brown on Shirley and Season 3 teases

Yvette Nicole Brown and Gillian Jacobs in COMMUNITY - Season 2 - "A Fistful of Paintballs" | ©2011 NBC/Lewis Jacobs

Playing the religious and uber-positive Shirley on COMMUNITY is comedienne Yvette Nicole Brown who has found the experience on the quirky NBC series to be an absolute blast. There are many layers to Shirley, who has proven that she’s not as holy as she might appear. And from discovering she has hidden talents like being a foosball expert to her recent re-marriage to former husband Andre (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), the series has been having fun exploring the many different dynamics of her character. While at Wondercon, Brown spoke to the press about COMMUNITY and even teased about a couple of upcoming […]Read On »

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