ALEX RIDER: Creator Anthony Horowitz gives the scoop on Season 3 – Exclusive Interview

ALEX RIDER Season 3 Key Art | ©2024 Amazon Freevee

Season 3 of the spy thriller ALEX RIDER premieres in its eight-episode entirety on Amazon Freevee in the U.S., the U.K. and Germany. Based on the series of bestselling novels by Anthony Horowitz, ALEX RIDER follows the title character, played by Otto Farrant, an English teenager who discovers that his late uncle and his late father were both spies. The clandestine U.K. government group, the Department, that hired both men (and got them killed in the line of duty) enlists Alex to infiltrate a school for them in 2020’s Season 1. Then they cut him loose, despite Alex’s desire to […]Read On »


ALEX RIDER: Author and executive producer Anthony Horowitz on Season 2 – Exclusive Interview

ALEX RIDER - Season 2 key art | ©2021 IMDb TV

ALEX RIDER debuted its first season last year. Season 2 of ALEX RIDER premiered its seven-episode second season on December 3. All episodes of both seasons are now available on IMDb TV, the free streaming service of Prime Video. The ALEX RIDER series is based on the best-selling, globally-popular novels by Anthony Horowitz. Alex Rider is an English teen, still in school, who becomes a spy for an offshoot of the British government’s MI-6 service, comparable to the CIA in the U.S. While ALEX RIDER has been adapted for television by writer Guy Burt, Horowitz is closely involved creatively and […]Read On »

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