UNDERGROUND: Anthony Hemingway gives the Season 1 scoop – exclusive interview

Alano Miller as CATO in UNDERGROUND | © 2016 WGN

WGN America’s UNDERGROUND, premiering on Wednesday, March 9, is set in the year 1857, when slavery still plagued much of the United States and the U.S. Civil War had not yet occurred. The Underground Railroad, the dangerous network of way stations and helpers by which some people escaped their captors to the northern states and into Canada, was in its formative stages. Anthony Hemingway directed the first four episodes of UNDERGROUND. By a coincidence of timing, he also has episodes currently airing of another very different drama that also involves race in the U.S., FX Network’s THE PEOPLE V. O.J. […]Read On »


CD Review: RED TAILS soundtrack

RED TAILS soundtrack | ©2012 Sony Music

Terence Blanchard has been fighting the good fight when it comes to scoring the black experience in any number of scores for Spike Lee, including his look at negro soldiers in the WW2 Italian conflict for the MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA. But if this composer hasn’t progressed in Hollywood as far as he should have long ago, it’s because Blanchard’s complex, jazz-inflected orchestral writing for Lee’s films, not to mention his pigeonholing as a composer best suited to urban-themed pictures (thankfully excepting his awesomely nutty Kung Fu score to BUNRAKU) hasn’t made him as easily clichéd as a whitebread ‘action […]Read On »

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