Fresh Clip: Brand new trailer for HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 2

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS - PART 2 - Lord Voldemort poster | ©2011 Warner Bros.

This week we already got a glimpse of the new HARRY POTTER poster, and now the brand spanking new trailer of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 2 is here as well and it’s phenomenal. Now this is what a summer film should look like. All the set-up of DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 1 leads to what looks like a non-stop action ride. The film features the epic final battle between Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) with Hogwarts and our entire beloved cast caught in the middle. The film arrives July 15 is 3D. […]Read On »




Well, the latest poster for the final HARRY POTTER film – HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 2 has arrived and it says it all: “It All Ends.” Arriving in theaters in 3D on July 15, the final chapter of the film adaptations of J.K. Rowling’s novels will feature the climactic battle between good (Harry as played by Daniel Radcliffe) and evil (Lord Voldemort as played by Ralph Fiennes). Check out a larger version of the new poster by clicking on the image below. DO YOU LIKE IT? LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD – COMMENT BELOW Click on […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: TEEN WOLF producer Jeff Davis transforms the 1980s film into MTV’s new horror series – Part 2

MTV’s new genre series TEEN WOLF is inspired by the 1980s Michael J. Fox comedy where he transformed into a teenage werewolf. While the transformation is still there, the story itself is much more serious and echoes such series as BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES in terms of teen angst mixed with horror. Tyler Posey plays Scott McCall who must deal with the after-effects of getting bit by a werewolf and how to affects his relationships with his friends, family and school mates. In Part 2 of our exclusive interview with executive producer Jeff Davis, we learn […]Read On »


TV Review: TEEN WOLF – Season 1 – “Wolf Moon”

Holland Roden, Colton Haynes, Dylan O’Brien, Crystal Reed, Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin in TEEN WOLF - Season 1|©2011 MTV

Stars: Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Colton Haynes, Linden Ashby, JR Bourne Writer: Jeff Davis Director: Russell Mulcahy Network: MTV, airs Monday nights Airdate: June 5, 2011 Whether you found 1985’s feature film TEEN WOLF, starring Michael J. Fox in makeup that looked more simian than lupine when he wolfed out, adorable or incredibly annoying, just forget the whole thing when it comes to MTV’s TEEN WOLF. The two share a title, the basic concept of a teenaged male werewolf and presumably a lot of legal agreements. That’s it. MTV’s TEEN WOLF fits somewhere in […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: Jeff Davis gets bitten by MTV’s TEEN WOLF – Part 1

Tyler Posey in TEEN WOLF - Season 1|©2011 MTV

When CRIMINAL MINDS creator Jeff Davis was approached by MTV to reboot the 1980s comedy TEEN WOLF, he was a bit hesitant until he found out they wanted something more along the lines of the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER TV series than a sitcom with a laugh track. “MTV was always pushing us to go edgier,” Davis admits. “They gave us a mandate, that the writers turned into the three words we live by – Sexy, Scary and surprising. For us that meant plenty of twists and turns, lots of romance, a little bit of humor and plenty of scares. […]Read On »


WonderCon 2011: First look at LORD OF THE RINGS: WAR IN THE NORTH video game poster

LORD OF THE RINGS: WAR IN THE NORTH video game poster from WonderCon2011 | ©2011 Assignment X/Peter Brown

WonderCon 2011 has just kicked off, and we have a photo of the new LORD OF THE RINGS: WAR IN THE NORTH video game poster. Check it out below … CLICK HERE to check out all of ASSIGNMENT X‘s news and you can also follow our coverage on TWITTER by CLICKING HERE.


Fresh Clip: First look at MTV’s TEEN WOLF trailer (and poster)

Tyler Posey in TEEN WOLF - Season 1 | ©2011 MTV

While The CW has made its mark with SUPERNATURAL and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and found great success with their genre-bending formulas, they really haven’t proven to be the heir to the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER teen angst throne that Joss Whedon created so expertly on that landmark series. Well, there’s a good chance MTV’s TEEN WOLF could be the heir apparent. Based on the the horrendous (but cult) 1985 film starring Michael J. Fox, the new genre series owes more to BUFFY than that silly retro comedy. Tyler Posey is Scott McCall, an average high school student who is bitten […]Read On »


Fresh Clip: CONAN THE BARBARIAN teaser trailer (and new motion poster)

CONAN THE BARBARIAN teaser poster | ©2011 Lionsgate

On August 19, 2011, a new Conan (based on the Robert E. Howard creation) hits theater screen in 3D with CONAN THE BARBARIAN and we have a first look at the teaser trailer and new motion poster for the film. Check both of them out below. Jason Momoa picks up the mantle of the sword-wielding behemoth previously made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film also stars Rachel Nichols, Stephen Lang, Ron Perlman and Rose McGowan.

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