Exclusive Interview: Paul Scheer on THE LEAGUE Season 5

Adam Brody and Paul Scheer in THE LEAGUE - Season 5 - "The Bachelor Draft" | ©2013 FXX/Matthais Clamer

For its first four seasons, THE LEAGUE, the half-hour comedy created by Jackie and Jeff Schaffer, was a staple for FX Network. Now FX is moving THE LEAGUE to its new outlet FXX for the show’s fifth season, which debuted Wednesday September 4 at 10:30 PM, following fellow FX transfer IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, which is now on FXX Wednesdays at 10 PM. Asked about the move, Paul Scheer, who plays THE LEAGUE’s much-bullied Andre, quips, “I was just happy that FXX isn’t a p**n channel. For a little bit, I was confused we’d be there.” Scheer, a native […]Read On »


WonderCon 2011: PIRANHA 3DD is coming along

PIRANHA 3D movie poster | ©2011 Dimension Films

During the press event for IMMORTALS at WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco, producer Mark Canton gave the low down on the planned sequel to PIRANHA 3-D, tentatively entitled PIRANHA 3DD and currently scheduled to hit theaters November 23. “3DD is coming along,” Canton says. “I think the Weinsteins didn’t deliver the film the right way the first time around. I think they realize it too. So we are getting the opportunity to deliver it properly this time.” IMMORTALS opens November 11, 2011 CLICK HERE to read about IMMORTALS star Henry Cavill chat about becoming the new SUPERMAN CLICK HERE to […]Read On »

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