TV Review: THE CHICAGO CODE – Season 1 – “O’Leary’s Cow”

Jason Clarke and Matt Lauria in THE CHICAGO CODE - Season 1 - "O'Leary's Cow" | ©2011 Fox/Jeffrey Garland

Stars: Delroy Lindo, Billy Lush, Matt Lauria, Jennifer Beals, Jason Clarke, Devin Kelley and Todd Williams Writer: Kevin Townsley Director: Clark Johnson Network: Fox, airs Monday nights Original Telecast: March 7, 2011 Not all episodes of THE CHICAGO CODE have to be action-packed, and “O’Leary’s Cow” proves that it can be just as provocative and intense when it’s dealing with smaller stories that have larger implications for our core characters. Things kick off when Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke) and his partner Caleb (Matt Lauria) stumble on a case in Chinatown where a black youth spreading the word of the Lord […]Read On »

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