CD Review: DOCTOR WHO: SERIES 6 soundtrack

DOCTOR WHO: SERIES 6 soundtrack | ©2012 Silva Screen Records

The Doctors might change every season or other, but we can be thankful that Murray Gold has been riding the Time Lord’s T.A.R.D.I.S. since his first, revamped regeneration. In the process, the new “Who”’s music has constantly impressed with its sheer, giddy sense of invention and production value, qualities that quickly impressed even a non-acolyte like myself. DOCTOR WHO: SERIES 6 is no exception, especially with the dynamic playing of BBC’s Nation Orchestral of Wales under the enthusiastic baton of Ben Foster. If there’s any quality that makes this two-CD collection’s numerous suites sound of a piece, then it’s the […]Read On »


CD Review: DOCTOR WHO: SERIES 5 – Original Soundtrack

DOCTOR WHO: SERIES 5 soundtrack | ©2011 Silva Screen Records

Where some other hugely popular sci-fi series are basically stuck in time and space, DOCTOR WHO is blessed by its ability to jump all over the two in an English phone booth. That’s been a particular mitzvah to composer Murray Gold since he jumped aboard the TARDIS’ sassy reboot so many series ago. Now the CD hand strikes 5 with a two-disc compilation that continues to show off WHO scoring as the Gold standard when it comes to some of the most delightfully inventive TV scoring in any one’s universe, music that mostly packs a rambunctious sense of joy to […]Read On »


CD Review: DOCTOR WHO: SERIES 4 – THE SPECIALS – original soundtrack

© 2010 Silva Screen Records | DR. WHO HOLIDAY SPECIAL SOUNDTRACK

Whether it’s Halloween or Xmas, TV has loved to celebrate the holidays with special episodes, but it’s doubtful any of them have sounded cooler than when the usually agnostic Time Lord (in the series 4 personages of David Tennant, David Morrissey and Martin Smith) has decided to make the Yuletide gay. It’s also a great occasion for the always creative DOCTOR WHO composer Murray Gold to unleash the musical bells and whistles for this two-CD compilation that includes “The Next Doctor,” “Planet of the Dead,” “The Waters of Mars” and “The End of Time.” There are certain musical signatures you […]Read On »

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