Exclusive Interview: Kevin Michael Richardson on the end THE CLEVELAND SHOW

Shredder from TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES on Nick | ©2013 Nickelodeon

Seth McFarlane’s animated FAMILY GUY birthed a spin-off four years ago, THE CLEVELAND SHOW, moving the supporting neighbor character Cleveland Brown, voiced by Mike Henry, to his own series which recently finished its run on Fox and is now airing reruns on the Cartoon Network. Cleveland’s prepubescent son Cleveland Junior and his redneck neighbor Lester are both voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. Richardson’s resume as a voice actor spans over twenty years, including feature films (LILO & STITCH, TRANSFORMERS 2, additional voices in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS), television (MONSTERS VS. ALIENS, STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS as Jabba the Hutt, […]Read On »


Composer Interview: Henry Jackman marks the spot for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

Composer Henry Jackman | ©2011 Henry Jackman

As cool as it is to have your music pumping the extra kick-ass mile into the hugely enjoyable antics of non-powered, wannabe superheroes, there’s nothing quite like getting your musical mutant on by graduating to the big leagues of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, a score that marks a huge evolution for composer Henry Jackman. Starting his career as an innovator in England’s electronica world, Jackman’s equally impressive string arrangements for album producer Trevor Horn drew the attention of Hans Zimmer, a composer with the Magneto-like powers of irresistibly pulling in promising talent to his lair at Remote Control. It wasn’t long […]Read On »

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