Movie Review: ARCADIAN

ARCADIAN movie poster | ©2024 RLJE Films / Shudder

Rating: R Stars: Nicolas Cage, Jaeden Martell, Maxwell Jenkins, Sadie Soverall Writer: Mike Nilon Director: Benjamin Brewer Distributor: RLJE Films/Shudder Release Date: April 12, 2024 In ARCADIAN, centralized civilization is already nearing its end when Paul (Nicolas Cage) is running through back alleys. The sky is full of smoke, sirens are wailing somewhere, and there are crucified bodies in the background. Paul finds a lone crying baby and comforts the child. Fifteen years later, Paul is far from this urban catastrophe. He is now the father of two teen sons, Joseph (Jaeden Martell) and Thomas (Maxwell Jenkins). Since Thomas is […]Read On »


Movie Review: THE TANK

THE TANK movie poster | ©2023 Well Go USA

Rating: R Stars: Luciane Buchanan, Matt Whelan, Zara Nausbaum, Regina Hegemann, Ascia Maybury, Mark Mitchinson Writer: Scott Walker Director: Scott Walker Distributor: Well Go USA Entertainment Release Date: April 21, 2023 (theatrical), April 25, 2023 (digital) THE TANK is a handsome but oddly-paced monster movie. Set primarily in coastal Oregon and shot in New Zealand, THE TANK opens with a title telling us it’s May 2, 1946. A woman and a little girl are sleeping in bed on a very rainy night. Outside, a man goes to investigate something in what we’ll find out later is the tank that supplies […]Read On »



DARK WAS THE NIGHT movie poster | ©2015 Image Entertainment / RLJ Entertainment

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Kevin Durand, Lukas Haas, Bianca Kajlich, Ethan Khusidman Writer: Tyler Hisel Director: Jack Heller Distributor: Image Entertainment/RLJ Entertainment Release Date: Blu-ray/DVD/VOD, September 1, 2015 DARK WAS THE NIGHT makes no pretense of reinventing the wheel. It is a straightforward, slow-burn monster in the woods story. What elevates it, apart from the strong performances of leads Kevin Durand and Lukas Haas, is the sense of certainty demonstrated by director Jack Heller and writer Tyler Hisel, demonstrating that sometimes all a story needs is to be told well. When a logging company starts harvesting in a previously untouched […]Read On »

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