TV Review: AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Season 6 – “Minneapolis Auditions”

Howie Mandel in AMERICA'S GOT TALENT - Season 6 | ©2011 NBC/Chris Haston

Network: NBC, airs Tuesday nights Original Telecast: June 8, 2011 At first it seems like another joke Howie Mandel is playing on Piers Morgan. AMERICA’S GOT TALENT is about to start and there is no Morgan anywhere. Maybe Mandel has locked him in his dressing room? Or perhaps he gave him the wrong directions to the theater. Nope, none of that, but wouldn’t that have been hilarious? Well, not to Morgan I suppose, instead the truth is because of bad weather Morgan’s flight was delayed from New York and he wasn’t able to make the start of the show. As […]Read On »

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