TV Review: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – Season 2 – “Liar, Liar”

Jay Ryan in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Season 2 - "Liar, Liar" | ©2013 The CW /Sven Frenzel

Stars: Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan, Austin Basis, Nina Lisandrello, Sendhil Ramamurthy Writers: John A. Norris, series created by Ron Koslow Director: Bradley Walsh Network: The CW, Monday @ 9 PM Original Airdate: October 21, 2013 “Liar, Liar” is an interesting episode of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST since now you realize that Muirfield made a lot more beasts. Are they rogue or is someone else pulling their strings? Who made this list that FBI Reynolds has? Since he worked with Muirfield was this a list he made up? Is he lying to Vincent that he is not on this list? There […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: GAME CHANGE writer Danny Strong on Sarah Palin, politics and more

On the set of GAME CHANGE with screenwriter Danny Strong | ©2012 HBO

GAME CHANGE is an apt title for what happened in the 2008 election when John McCain, the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America, selected then-Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin as his running mate. Even people who see eye to eye on nothing else can agree that what followed was not quite like anything else that had ever happened on the national stage. The book GAME CHANGE by Time Magazine editor-in-chief Mark Halperin and political journalist John Heilemann encompasses the entire 2008 election, including the Democratic contest between then-Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The HBO film […]Read On »

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