Exclusive Interview: CINEMA VERITE actor Thomas Dekker on THE SECRET CIRCLE, HEROES and TERMINATOR – Part 2

Thomas Dekker at the World Premiere of I AM NUMBER FOUR | ©2011 Sue Schneider

Though Thomas Dekker makes a big impression as Lance Loud in HBO’s CINEMA VERITE movie based on the 1970s PBS documentary series AN AMERICAN FAMILY,  this certainly won’t be the first, and last time this charismatic young actor will be in the spotlight. Starting from the age of six, Dekker’s grew from parts in SEINFELD and TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL to cartoon voices for LAND BEFORE TIME and AMERICAN TAIL spin-offs, then turned in notable teen performances in BOSTON PUBLIC, CSI and HOUSE M.D. Dekker then gained a true cult following on the shows HEROES and TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: CINEMA VERITE star Thomas Dekker gets real – Part 1

Thomas Dekker in CINEMA VERITE | ©2011 HBO

In an age where no one bats an eye at watching a man with mascara on network family hour, or showing off their flamboyantly great fashion style for reality television, it’s hard to remember when homosexuals were barely shown (and swishily condescended to when they were) on America’s sets. Don’t even ask what you mostly got on the big screen. Leave it to Lance Loud to make his sexuality heard loud and clear for millions of Americans when PBS cameras became part of his clan’s lives for their groundbreaking series AN AMERICAN FAMILY. Beyond showing that “real” people were just […]Read On »

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