Movie Review: CLOCK

CLOCK Key Art | ©2023 Hulu

Rating: TV-MA Stars: Dianna Agron, Melora Hardin, Jay Ali, Saul Rubinek, Grace Porter Writer: Alexis Lucknow Director: Alexis Lucknow Distributor: Hulu Release Date: April 28, 2023 The title of CLOCK refers to the biological one that everyone is widely believed to possess. Except, contrary to this assumption, not everyone does in fact have a biological clock – that is, the desire to have children. The conflict between the belief and the reality are what give CLOCK its premise. Ella Patel (Dianna Agron) is a star interior designer, happily married to surgeon Aidan (Jay Ali), with a full life that she […]Read On »


CARNIVAL ROW: Actors Jamie Harris and Jay Ali on final season – Exclusive Interview

Jamie Harris as Dombey in CARNIVAL ROW - Season 2 | ©2023 Prime Video

In CARNIVAL ROW, now streaming its second and final season on Prime Video, faeries and humans share a world that resembles eighteenth-century Europe. Many have settled in the Burgue, where some of the Fae and some of the humans would like to coexist in peace. However, a lot of them hate each other. Jamie Harris plays virulently anti-Fae human police officer Sergeant Dombey, and Jay Ali plays the adamantly anti-human Fae freedom fighter/terrorist Kaine. Their personal animosity is particularly fierce, as Dombey killed Kaine’s wife. In reality, Ali and Harris are good friends, which comes across in their separate but […]Read On »

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